Editor’s Note: The Social Media RoundUp is a weekly feature of Information Space.

One of the biggest and most widely known complaints about Facebook is the innate lack of privacy settings. Users have always voiced their opinions about these settings, as they are are hard to understand and users end up with public posts by default. This week, the social networking site is making it easier to share information with only those who you want to. How is this happening? In a recent blog post, Facebook explained:

  • People new to Facebook now start with friends audience for posts
  • Introducing a new and expanded Privacy Checkup for people already on Facebook

image by crazytownblog.com

Have you seen the trending topic #YesAllWomen on Twitter? This topic gained popularity after Elliot Rodger allegedly used a semi-automatic weapon to gun down seven people as well as himself near Santa Barbara as a result of being rejected by women. Currently, #YesAllWomen has given women a platform to speak their opinions about misogyny and violence against women. See examples of these powerful tweets here

We’ve talked about television shows premiering on YouTube before, but now another social network is getting some prime time attention. Tumblr is no longer just for GIFs, the site is expanding into television. AMC is launching a new series “Halt and Catch Fire” with a full-episode sneak preview on Tumblr and AMC.com, making it the first-ever television show to premiere on Tumblr.

LinkedIn has found a way to add some friendly competition to your online professional network. The new How You Rank tool compares your number of profile views with other people in your LinkedIn network.

How do you feel about this competitive feature on LinkedIn? Or, have you contributed to the #YesAllWomen trending topic? Let me know in the comments below!