By: J.D. Ross
(315) 443-3094

Ernst & Young (EY) will host a panel discussion titled Women in Technology Consulting featuring three recent School of Information Studies (iSchool) alumnae. 

Scheduled for Thursday, February 12, the panel includes Ashley Christopher, Richa Pant, and Heather Pyle.

Ashley Christopher is a New York City-based manager in EY’s Financial Service Office as part of the Information Technology and Advisory Services (ITAS) practice. She has experience working with global financial institutions on IT strategy and target operating model development, location strategy, IT service delivery management, IT regulatory risk and compliance, and IT governance. She received her undergraduate degree from the College of Arts and Sciences in biology and psychology in 2008, and her graduate degree in information management from the iSchool in 2010.

Richa Pant is a New York City-based Senior Consultant in EY's Financial Service Office Information Technology and Advisory Services (ITAS) practice. She is currently part of the Technology Advisory Program (TAP) and has experience in business process/data flow analysis, quality management, release management, tracking and reporting, risk assessment and analysis, solution development and implementation, IT risk and control assessment. She received her MS in Information Management from the iSchool in 2013.

Heather Pyle graduated from the iSchool in 2014 with a BS in Information Management & Technology, and is a Staff Consultant in the Advisory Services practice of EY. Heather worked in a project management position for SIDEARM Sports while at the iSchool, and also served as an iSchool recruitment intern. 

The panel discussion will be held at 6:00 PM in the Katzer Room in Hinds Hall. For more information, contact the iSchool's Career Services office at