Experiencing EY through a Launch Intern’s perspective has given me a lot of insight into EY’s engagement teams, culture, and how they have managed to create a lasting impact for their clients.

During the internship, I was exposed to tax, audit and advisory – EY’s three key service lines. It was a phenomenal experience to be able to watch professionals attend meetings and negotiate information, all while being able to explain to me the key aspects of their service lines from a high level perspective. 

How EY Changed My Plans

Reflecting on my internship, it has changed some of my future plans, while some plans have stayed the same.

For starters, I definitely want to continue pursuing my degree at the iSchool. It has helped me in more than one situation. Learning about the systems development life cycle and in-scope reports from IST 352 – Information Analysis of Organization Systems has helped me tremendously. I felt as if I was always one step ahead of the game!

Furthermore, when I first started my internship, I still felt out of place as an IT major at an accounting firm. After reaching out to several talented professionals, I was able to connect with a managing director of cybersecurity!

The impact that cybersecurity play at EY has further grounded my interest in pursuing information security as my concentration at the iSchool. 

A New Path in Information Security

This internship has definitely made me realize the importance of technological innovations and their impact in progressing our society. 

During this internship, I learned something new everyday. I believe we never stop learning. I’m eager to understand the nitty-gritty of information security. 

Next year, I plan to continue gaining more experience in the information security field. I want to have strong foundational knowledge in that field. My academic goals for next year are simple: learn as much as I can about information security! This academic year, I want to take as many information security classes as I can.

Keeping in Touch

In terms of professional goals, I want to maintain contact with my connections at the firm. I also want to continue observing and shadowing professionals in a workplace environment.

The best experiences I had were shadowing my engagement team leads. I observed how they tackle and negotiate issues and communicate to a wide range of professionals.

Advice for iSchoolers

For my fellow iSchoolers, I cannot emphasize the importance of networking and persistence.

Please reach out and continuously stay in contact with your team leads, peer mentors, advisors. They are going to be your biggest source of help and have a wide array of connections for you.

The professionals you meet during your internship will play a lasting impact within your time in the company and maybe even your future career. Even if you do not plan to come back to a company, networking and staying in touch can still prove to be efficient because of other connections they may have.