Have you ever been working out and have your headphones fall out of your ears? It drives me crazy! However, I think Normal Headphones has finally solved the problem!

What are Normal Headphones?normal-headphones-004-1500x1000

Unlike any other headphone that I have ever seen or used, Normal Headphones are custom-fitted 3D-printed earphones that are made and manufactured in New York City. The Headphones are uniquely printed for each individual user and only fit you. The company prides itself on the fact that “Fit Quality = Sound Quality.” Essentially, due to the custom fit of the headphones, there is no leakage of sound. As of now, the headphones are not wireless or bluetooth capable but they do have a three button control that works with all smartphones for playing and pausing music as well as the ability to answer a call or turning up or down the volume.

The Design Process

Normal Headphones claim to fit your ear perfectly every time; however, how are they able to do this if you are ordering the headphones over the computer?

Normal offers an iPhone App or a Google Play download which allows customers to take a picture of both of their ears. The app is very user friendly and has verbal and written instructions on exactly how to take the photo. It even takes into account whether you are taking the picture of your own ears, or if somebody else is taking the picture for you. Through the app you can make all of your customizations. Normal Headphones come in an abundant variety of colors.


The Perfect Gift

Normal Headphones are the perfect gift (the holidays are just around the corner!). The Syracuse University Campus rep for Normal Headphones has provided a promotion code of “SUGUS” that will provide a 25% discount off of the purchase of a pair. Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.25.57 PM

Interview with Gus Costalas

Don’t just take my word for these amazing headphones. I have had the opportunity to sit down with Gus Costalas who is the Syracuse University campus rep for Normal Headphones  and he has provided me with not only the promotion code above but also some great information on the company and his journey to finding it!

CK: “How did you first hear about Normal Headphones?”

Gus: “One of my friends works for their marketing agency, Stadiumred, and she told me about them and this awesome opportunity. Normal has their HQ, factory, and shop in NYC – all under one roof. It’s an amazing place where each pair is 3D printed, manufactured, and assembled. Check them out at 150 West 22nd Street, between 6th and 7th if you are ever in NYC.

CK: “I have noticed that their website is spelled “nrml” but the headphones themselves are “Normal.” Do they go by both of these spellings?”

Gus: “The company is called Normal! The website is nrml.com

CK: “How is the sound quality of Normal Headphones?”

Gus: “Out of this world. Normal designed it’s own unique sound profile in house with top audio engineers. The customized fit eliminates sound leakage, and channels all the sound exactly where it should go. There is nothing like it!

CK: “How well do they fit in your ear with the customization that 3D printing allows?”

Gus: “They fit perfectly and don’t fall out. Should there ever be a problem, the team at Normal will work until its resolved. They totally stand behind the quality of these amazing earphones, which come with a lifetime warranty.

CK: “How did you become a campus rep?”

Gus: “I really love my earphones and they had this amazing opportunity to rep them here at SU. Once you believe in something, it’s a no brainer to be part of it!

Now it’s your turn to join the movement! 3D printing is a new technology, and 3D printed headphones is the move. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Headphones feel free to reach out to me @Ceek22 or in the comments below!