September is an incredibly busy month for iSchool Career Services as we gear up for iCareer Fair on Monday, Sept. 28. Companies are so interested in recruiting our students that they try to get to know them even before the iCareer Fair by coming to Hinds Hall for visits.

We currently have 13 companies scheduled to come to the iSchool for a variety of activities, including information sessions, office hours (individual meetings with students), table displays, and class visits.

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Here is why undergraduates need to check these events out:

1. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
Every May, students tell me they wished they had paid more attention to the companies that came to campus. Fall is the biggest recruiting season of the year here, so don’t wait until spring to start thinking about jobs or internships.

I totally understand that the companies coming to campus may not be where you end up working. Still, you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re not missing out on an opportunity that could be right for you.

2. Roles Reverse Soon
It will be more difficult for you to meet with recruiters from a variety of companies in one place after you graduate. Companies likely won’t actively try to recruit you then. So, you’ll have to take the initiative to go after opportunities at that point.

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Companies will continue to visit campus throughout the year, or host virtual information sessions for students. However, it won’t be in the same number as those who are coming here this month.

The companies are trying to make it easy for you to learn about them now. All you need to do is show up!

These top employers are scheduled to be at the iSchool this month for Information Sessions:

Sept. 10: EY
Sept. 11: Cognizant Technology Solutions
Sept. 14: IBM
Sept. 17: GE
Sept. 22: Fidelity
Sept. 23: KPMG fair 4

Sept. 24: Synchrony Financial
Sept. 25: Cisco Meraki
Sept. 29: PwC
Sept. 30: Deloitte

3. Higher Attendance May Draw Even More Companies 
We are lucky to have a high number of companies that consistently recruit at the iSchool. However, we’re always looking to grow that number and increase the diversity of opportunities for students.

When we try to convince a new company to recruit our students, it can be very powerful if we can say that our students attended employer events in strong numbers.

Have you ever attended an information session? Do you plan on attending one this year? Let us know, and leave a comment below.