Having spent an amazing four years at Syracuse, earning my BS in Information Management and Technology at the iSchool, I knew this was the place I wanted to further my education. The decision to dive into the captivating field of data science and its applications in the business world was a natural progression for me. What makes this experience even more exhilarating is the diverse group of classmates I’m surrounded by. We come from various backgrounds, both academically and professionally, making every day a learning opportunity from one another. Some have their roots in other Syracuse colleges, while others have journeyed from around the globe to join the iSchool family.

This semester is shaping up to be a fantastic one. I’m enrolled in four courses, two of which are offered by the Whitman School of Management. These classes bring together graduate students from the iSchool, Whitman, and the College of Engineering and Science, creating a dynamic learning environment. Our professors, who boast extensive experience in business and technology, infuse real-world applications into every lesson. They are not just teaching us concepts but also emphasizing how these skills will translate directly into our future careers. 

Two of my iSchool courses, IST 707 and IST 719, are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. IST 707, led by Professor Kelvin King, delves into the realms of AI and Machine Learning. Throughout the semester, we’ll explore various machine learning techniques, algorithms, and models while gaining hands-on experience with Python and RStudio. IST 719, under the guidance of Professor Raghavshyam Ramamurthy, focuses on Data Visualization. In this course we’ll learn to bring data to life through various visualization techniques using RStudio and Inkscape.

In Whitman, I’m taking MBC 638, Data Analysis and Decision Making, and SCM 651, Business Analytics. These courses, while business-oriented, beautifully complement what I’m learning in the iSchool. They empower us to make data-driven decisions using tools like Microsoft Excel. SCM 651 is a vital course for my Applied Data Science program, and I’ve also chosen MBC 638 as an elective, to further my understanding of the use of data analysis in business. 

If you had asked me a while back about graduate school, I might have hesitated. After graduating early, I pondered whether gaining work experience before returning to school was the way to go. However, a twist of fate, a delay in my full-time job start date, changed everything. It turns out that this delay was a blessing in disguise, giving me the perfect opportunity to continue my education. Sometimes, life throws unexpected surprises, and it’s remarkable how they can lead us down a path we never imagined. I now get to complete this incredible program before embarking on my job next summer.

The excitement didn’t stop with acceptance into the program. I found the perfect apartment and a job on campus, making this transition incredibly smooth. Before diving into my classes, I had the privilege of meeting my fellow students at orientation, and I’ve already forged lasting friendships within the program. Connecting with friends on campus and getting to know the incredible faculty and staff has been an absolute delight. It’s all part of the incredible experience here at Syracuse University.