Hello everyone! I am Sampada Regmi –  a spring semester student pursuing my Master’s in Information Systems at Syracuse University. While some may argue that the fall semester offers more opportunities, I am here to share my incredible experience and highlight that the spring semester can be just as fulfilling. Join me as I take you on an enriching journey – from having my initial doubts to realizing the abundant possibilities that the spring semester holds.

The Decision:

Despite the initial concerns and suggestions to join in the fall, I took a leap of faith and completed my admission in the spring semester. I was drawn by the welcoming and engaging ethos of Syracuse University right from the get-go, as we were given ample time to gain an exciting overview of the college, its resources, and life on campus. I knew I was in the right place and at the right time when I, along with my peers, got the opportunity to not only meet the Ischool Dean and all the faculty members but openly engage in meaningful conversations with each and every one of them. Just when I thought my start at Syracuse University could not get any better, we attended the Spring Fair, where we were introduced to various student organizations as well as a plethora of initiatives that were being undertaken. Lest I forget, lots of goodies and hampers that made my day even better!


Smaller Intake, Greater Connections:

One of the unexpected advantages I discovered upon joining the spring semester was the smaller intake of students. While it felt like a potential disadvantage at first, I soon realized that it actually led to a remarkable sense of community among us. Right from the first lecture, it was evident that our smaller class size gave us a unique opportunity to actively participate in discussions. With our professors encouraging open dialogue, our close-knit community became an all-inclusive environment where we not only felt comfortable expressing ourselves but also positively challenged each other in intellectual debates. Oh, and did I mention that everyone was given free tickets for Syracuse vs. North Dome basketball match that took place in our 7.7 acres JMA wireless dome? The experience was mind-numbingly spectacular, and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Excellent Networking Opportunities:

Undoubtedly, among the most cherished benefits we receive as students at Syracuse University is the chance to directly interact with representatives from a diverse range of amazing companies during the “Career Fair.”

As we embarked on our very first semester, we were once again pleasantly surprised by the incredible career fair organized for us. The event brought together multinational corporations, exciting startups, and local companies which offered us a platform to engage, share experiences, and explore fantastic career prospects. Before attending the career fair, I made sure to complete my pre-assignment by diligently learning and researching about each participating company. Brimming with excitement and enthusiasm, I seized this golden opportunity and approached every company at the fair. I actively engaged with their representatives and displayed my knowledge and understanding of their organization, products, and available roles. I quickly realized that the representatives appreciated candidates who had taken the time to familiarize themselves with their organization. Furthermore, I ensured that my resume was well-crafted and presented my skills and experiences effectively. I also paid careful attention to my LinkedIn profile, ensuring it reflected my achievements, aspirations, and potential as a professional. As a result of my proactive approach, I am now connected with several remarkable companies.

This experience has enabled me to explore my own skills, identify where I could potentially thrive, and provided me with a valuable perspective on where I stand in relation to my career goals. It has affirmed the importance of thorough research, effective communication, and diverse networking. I am grateful for the incredible platform Syracuse University has provided – enabling me to forge connections, gain insights, and uncover exciting prospects for my future.

Events Galore!

When I was deliberating on which university to pursue my studies at, one outstanding feature that truly distinguished Syracuse University from the rest was its remarkable array of events and conferences. Attending the “Spring Fair” exposed me to countless student clubs and organizations. It was a revelation! I instantly had a clear picture of what my semester would look like—filled with exciting events and opportunities. What’s more, I feel privileged to know that regardless of the department I belong to, I am free to attend events hosted by any school and become a part of any club or organization that interests me.

I soon realized that I had an incredible array of choices available to me. I made it my mission to visit clubs and organizations that sparked my interest, immersing myself in their activities and initiatives. Whether it was joining the “Whitman Women in Business” club, becoming a member of “Women in Technology,” participating in the “Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC),” volunteering for the “Office Productivity Research” group, contributing to the “SU Literacy Corps,” or engaging with the “WITEC (Worldwide Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship Club),” I wholeheartedly embraced all these opportunities.

One day, I found myself participating in cutting-edge research at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. The opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking projects allowed me to witness the power of innovation firsthand. On another occasion, I indulged my creative side by exploring the world of art and crafts. Engaging in activities like painting and bracelet making through Orange After Dark gave me a welcome break from my academic pursuits and allowed me to express myself artistically.

But my involvement didn’t stop there. I took on leadership roles and eagerly shared my knowledge and experiences with fellow students. I had an enriching opportunity to lead a group of students and deliver lectures on Social Media Literacy – the latter of which garnered significant attention during the semester. Additionally, I had the privilege of attending the “Women in Leadership” career panel, where a representative from Pepsi shared invaluable insights regarding the challenges and triumphs of successful women in the corporate world.

Although I am an information systems student, I refused to confine myself to just technology-focused events and clubs. Embracing a holistic approach, I also eagerly volunteered as a facilitator for the “Disinformation Workshop Training” organized by the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications Department. Amidst the whirlwind of activities on campus, there were two events that held a special place in my heart during my semester at Syracuse University. The first was the mesmerizing “Hindu Story Telling through Songs and Dance” organized by the South Asian Student Association (SASA). This event was a beautiful celebration of culture, where the vibrant melodies and captivating dance performances brought ancient tales to life. The second event that left a lasting impression on me was the awe-inspiring slam poetry night hosted by “Poetry Me Please.” The raw emotions, poignant words, and powerful delivery of the poet  left me awestruck and wanting for more. While it may seem like I have covered a lot of events, I assure you, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Syracuse University truly provides an immersive and dynamic environment where students can explore their interests, engage in interdisciplinary pursuits, and contribute to meaningful initiatives. The breadth of opportunities available to students goes beyond the confines of traditional academic boundaries, encouraging holistic growth and development.

Summer break opportunities – untapped and underrated!


Being a spring semester student does not limit your options for the summer. In fact, it offers unique advantages and one of the greatest benefits is the availability of free certification courses such as Excel and AWS Cloud Practitioner. These courses not only enhance your skill set but also elevate your profile, giving you a competitive edge in the job market. While many of our peers from the fall semester pursue internships, we have the opportunity to engage in research, learn from our seniors’ experiences, and broaden our knowledge. During my semester at Syracuse University, I was determined to work with professors and immerse myself in research during the summer. Through extensive exploration, I discovered an incredible opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Stromer-Galley on the Illuminating Project. This captivating project revolves around computational journalism, with a specific focus on empowering journalists that cover US political campaigns.

Working on the Illuminating Project has provided me with uniquely valuable experience. It has allowed me to delve into the fascinating intersection of technology and journalism – gaining insights into the evolving landscape of media and its impact on political discourse. Collaborating with Dr. Stromer-Galley and her team has been an enriching journey where I contribute to meaningful research and also get to witness the potential for computational approaches to shape the future of journalism.

Looking back on my semester, I am grateful for the plethora of events I had the privilege to attend. They not only provided me with moments of joy, inspiration, and cultural appreciation but also shaped my understanding of the world and enhanced my personal growth. Syracuse University has truly created an environment where students can immerse themselves in a tapestry of experiences, fostering an atmosphere of learning, discovery, and inclusivity.