By: Diane Stirling
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Eight doctoral degrees, representing one of the largest class of doctoral student graduates in  recent years at the School of Information Studies, were awarded at this year’s convocation.

Three students were awarded doctorate of philosophy degrees in information science and technology, while five other graduates earned doctorate of professional studies degrees in information management. 

Those earning Ph.D. credentials are:

  • Veronica Maidel, whose thesis was “Searching as Thinking: The Role of Cues in Query Reformulation.” She was advised by Elizabeth Liddy and Howard Turtle.
  • Swati Bhattacharyya, whose thesis was “How Context Matters in Digital Library Use;” advised by Barbara Kwasnik.
  • Miao Chen, who presented the thesis, “Using Ontology-Based Approaches to Representing Speech Transcripts for Automated Speech Scoring.” Chen’s advisor was Jian Qin.

The five graduates who earned doctorate of professional studies degrees are:

  • Greg Bierly, whose research thesis was, “Selfless Service: An Examination of Motivation in Public Sector Information Technology Service Transformation.” He was advised by Scott A. Bernard.
  • John Mark Young,whose research was “An Epidemiology of Big Data,” and who was advised by Jian Qin.
  • Dale Meyerrose, whose thesis was, “Introducing Wireless Grids Technology to the Field of Telemedicine,” advised by Lee McKnight.
  • Anna Wong, whose studies were titled, “The Motivation of Working Practitioners Seeking a Doctoral Education: From the Perspectives of Confucian Learning Philosophy.” She was advised by Arthur Thomas.
  • Tyson Brooks, whose thesis was titled, “Edgeware Security Risk Management: A three Essay Thesis on Cloud, Virtualization, and Wireless Grid Vulnerabilities.” Brooks’ advisor was Lee McKnight.