I have always wanted to work as an IT professional specialized in web and data. It has been a great experience for me interning at Eastman Kodak Company as a web programmer. I enjoyed my summer internship and feel this internship reinforced my passion in web and database technologies, made me more enthusiastic about my career path in the near future.

What’s Next

This academic year, I am going to continue to enhance my skills in web development and data-related technologies, I plan to learn some in-depth web technologies myself and practice what I learned by picking up some projects in my spare time. In addition, I am taking a Human Computer Interaction course and Data Mining course at the iSchool in Fall 2017.

Setting New Goals

My new personal goal is to take some time during the following year to enhance my web development and data technologies; I want to be an expert in server-side technologies such as PHP or ASP, and I purchased a book talking about web technologies, which I plan to read soon.

Professionally, I will pay more attention to the job market and try to apply for interesting internships and jobs in addition to the career fairs that the iSchool offers. Academically, I would still like to complete my program on time, learn as much knowledge as possible and continue to keep a good GPA.

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How to Make the Most Out Of Your Internship

Dream big and dare to fail

We shall believe in ourselves, not only focus on what we are working on right now, but also take a look further out, think about a bigger picture and try new things when we can, do not afraid of failure because no pain, no gain; failure is the opportunity for us to learn and do better in the near future.

Think out of the box

We shall keep an open mind; an exclusive mindset won’t do you any good, as that will limit the breadth of your mind. When we think out of the box, stay curious and willing to take risks, we will jump out of the fixed mode of thinking and find a completely new world. I guess that is what I learned during my summer internship.

Keep learning

We shall never give up; never satisfied of what we have already done. In this information age, new technologies are being created constantly and rapidly, it is important to keep learning new knowledge, and stay tuned on newest technology trend.