Now that I am a few weeks into my internship at Commvault, I feel very comfortable here.  While I still occasionally go the wrong way down a hallway or call someone by the wrong name, I feel like I am adjusting well. Still, there have been some challenges along the way that have helped me grow as an IT Professional.

Adaptability is Key

The best lesson I am learning is that in order to succeed in this profession, you must become adaptable. My boss consistently says that in IT, every day is a fire drill. That means anything can go wrong at any time, and the IT department must be ready to put those fires out. In order to juggle long-term projects, day-to-day tasks, internal development, and anything that can walk into the door: adaptability is a must-have skill.

However, adaptability not only means being properly prepared for any situation with technical knowledge, it also means being adaptable with the people you work with. In a large organization such as Commvault, you will come across many different people all with different needs and personalities. No matter the situation, the user needs help in order to get back to being a productive member of the company. Our role is to get them back on track.

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With a Little Help From My Friends

I rely on the team around me in order to overcome a lot of the challenges and problems I face. Each member of the IT Department at Commvault brings something different to the table and could not be more welcoming to me as an intern.

The culture here within this department is spot-on when it comes to collaboration and team building. When I started, I feared the challenges of getting comfortable with the Commvault way of things such as how they deploy laptops to new hires, their ticketing system, or even where they put the Ethernet cables. All of those nerves were settled very quickly. The members of the team showed me the ropes, which has allowed me to be successful.

Drive and Motivation

As I meet more people at Commvault, it is clear that IST 335: Organizational Behavior is an incredibly helpful class. Understanding the dynamics between people in an organization, team, or company is vitally important. In IST 335 I learned that not everyone is motivated by the same things; everyone has a different drive.

I learned at Commvault that everyone’s motivation is different … unless that motivation is ice cream, because everyone is motivated by ice cream. Commvault has an ice cream truck come to the building every Friday afternoon for the employees.  It is a great way to end the week and give back to the employees.