In a world of instantaneous connection, there is no denying the fact that people have their favorite web browsers.

Mac and PC users both have several options when choosing browsers. Mac computers come with Safari preloaded. PC computers are loaded with Internet Explorer. However, there is an abundance of other browsers that can be downloaded for use free of charge.

Personally, I have always been a PC user, and I never found a reason to change from Internet Explorer–until my sister introduced me to Google Chrome about two years ago.

At that time, Google Chrome had noticeable improvements from Internet Explorer, but nothing game-changing. Still, Google Chrome has always been more user-friendly. It gave users customization with installment of iGoogle. That allows you to customize what you see on your homepage, whether that is social information, news, weather, entertainment or as range of other choices.

Although iGoogle is still around, it looks as though the new extension from Google called, “Awesome New Tab Page,” is appealing to many users. It has received 4.5/5 stars from 11,279 reviews, and it has close to 400,000 users already.

awesome new tab page

To the right is the layout of the “Awesome New Tab Page.”

As  you can see, the layout takes a Windows 8 look with its customization options. Pre-downloaded within “Awesome New Tab Page” are Facebook, Twitter, Chrome Web Store, Get Widgets,, a clock, an open tabs search, Netflix, hulu, Gmail, and a link to Although these apps are already downloaded, you may delete them at anytime (which I found to be a nice feature, since I do not use hulu).

Customization Option

That image also shows the  options to click from on the left-hand side. These lead to all the customizing and settings that someone would want within a homepage.

Starting from the top:

  • There is an addition sign, which is the “About” tab. Within the about page you will see four different sections, including who the contributors are, the developers, a share option, and a rate option, which allows for feedback from the users.
  • Below the addition tab is the “Configure” tab. This is where you can personalize how your page will look. Depending on your preferences, you can change the background color, and choose whether you want to see the actual grid design, along with other options  for personalization. Additionally, you will be able to choose which settings you want on or off
    (a way of keeping the user always pleased with his or her homepage).
  • Below the “Configure” tab is the “Apps” tab–which is all within the Chrome Web Store–and what I find is an awesome feature. This is especially nice for school work because I can have Google Docs and Google Drive all within my homepage.
  • Similar to the “Apps” tab is a “Widgets” tab.
  • Below the “Widgets” tab, there is a “Recently Closed Tabs” option, which is basically another way to see your history.
  • Lastly, there is the “Unlock” option. This allows you to add or delete any services within your homepage. It also gives you the capability to customize how the apps picture and name look on the homepage.

Instantaneous Connection

The “Awesome New Tab Page” allows for easy connection to all of one’s interests. The coolest feature of the layout is that you can search Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and the Chrome Web Store right from your homepage.  Additionally, you can log in to Facebook and Twitter here, so that when you click on those options, you’ll be taken to your social media site. This feature is also available in other apps as well.

google chrome

5/5 Rating

Personally, I am a big fan of “Awesome New Tab Page.” It gives users an easy layout that appeals to the eyes. It is very user friendly and allows for a lot of customization, a great perk. Although it reminds me of a favorites tab, it is more interesting than just seeing tabs at the top of your browser. It allows users to set images for all their favorite and frequently-visited sites.

All in all, I would rate this new interface a 5 out of 5 because it is user friendly, customizable, and has a sleek look.

The one downfall is that if you are not previously logged in to your social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, it does not have your information previously saved. For some users that is a nice feature, but to me it is a bit annoying.

Regardless, I would recommend Google Chrome and “Awesome New Tab Page” to all internet users.

Go out and try it for yourself! Then let me know what you think of “Awesome New Tab Page” in the comments below or tweet me @ceek22.