By: Diane Stirling
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Last night’s School of Information Studies celebration of the School’s new ideation and collaboration space also served to recognize Nancy Cantor, outgoing Syracuse University Chancellor, for her support and encouragement of the path of new ideas, entrepreneurial risk, and technology innovation the iSchool has pursued during the years of her tenure.

At a reception to mark the official opening of the “ICEBox,” the School’s new Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship space on the second floor of Hinds Hall, Chancellor Cantor was formally thanked by Dean Elizabeth Liddy and the School’s Board of Advisors for her long-term support of varied iSchool endeavors, as well as her work on behalf of Syracuse University and the City of Syracuse.

“We in the iSchool have always felt strongly, strongly supported by the Chancellor,” Dean Liddy conveyed to about 100 guests, including members of the Board of Advisors, faculty, staff, and students. “Some of our ideas were a bit out there…some maybe sounded a little crazy…but she trusted us,” Dean Liddy continued. “We want to thank Chancellor Cantor for her really exceptional leadership. She has done so much for Syracuse University and for the City of Syracuse. Now, we hope to work with her on some future national initiatives,” the Dean added. She then presented Chancellor Cantor with an appreciation gift, a sculpted Kilnfusion Studio glass vase.

The Chairman of the School’s Board of Advisors, Craig Cornelius, also expressed the Board’s deep appreciation for the Chancellor’s support. He said the Board “thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for how much support and trust you have provided” for a wide range of iSchool endeavors. To illustrate that appreciation, Board Members are making a contribution to the Nancy Cantor Scholarship Fund, he noted.

Board of Advisors member Pat Mautino explained the board’s sentiments towards Cantor. “She’s been very open to the School trying new things. I think she helped remove some barriers to innovation, and she’s helped celebrate our successes. It’s been obvious that she’s supported our Dean, and that’s the first line of support. In our role as Board volunteers, we are giving support to the Dean at our level, and with the Chancellor giving support to the Dean from her level, that’s when good things happen.”

The opening for the ICEBox featured a talk by Student Sandbox summer startup competition winner Anthony DeMare, of Regattable, whose team invented a folding sailboat that can fit into two suitcases. In addition, iSchool student Bob O’Brien demonstrated #iSchoolGlass, the Google Glass technology purchased by the iSchool for experimentation and exploration with the new beta-level technology.