Syracuse University’s annual day-of-giving, called “Boost the ‘Cuse”, will take place on Thursday, March 23rd, 2023, which also happens to be the 153rd birthday of Syracuse University’s favorite orange, Otto. On this day, all iSchool supporters are encouraged to give back, or pay it forward, helping to build the future of some of the finest information studies and technology students in the world.

Donations to scholarships and awards will be used to immediately help students. Aid from alumni, families, friends, and donors allows the iSchool to provide access to a dynamic learning environment and a truly unique educational experience. For some, these scholarships are the only way to make the dream of an iSchool education into a reality. 

This year, your gift has the chance to make an even bigger difference. When the fundraising effort achieves its modest goal of receiving donations from 200 individual supporters, iSchool graduate Sam Clarvit (‘10), will contribute an additional $10,000. This is an amazing opportunity to make your own donation count for more.

Clarvit is a steadfast supporter of the iSchool and currently sits on the board of advisors. Harboring a deep love for the iSchool, Clarvit sees it as his duty to help champion the mission and vision of the school and make sure students have access to the top-notch education it provides. He says, “It is our obligation, and should be seen as a point of honor, to care for those around us, and to nurture the path of those following behind us.”

With your support, you can help the iSchool continue to challenge minds, and open up limitless futures for generations of students and young leaders. Please think of the iSchool as the day-of-giving approaches. If you bleed orange, or if you just want to make sure students have access to an affordable education, we look forward to your participation on March 23rd, Boost the ‘Cuse day!