Internship opportunities are a great way to start meeting your career goals and allow you to apply classroom theory to the real world of work. In order to receive credit, students must follow the below instructions and complete the required forms.

Submitting your internship paperwork for internship credit: Once you've registered for your internship course, each form must be completed and submitted electronically through Blackboard, under the “Content” section, by the deadline described below. Additional submission instructions are included where applicable.

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School Media students must follow the Practicum Guide for School Media Students. Contact Blythe Bennett ( with any questions.

Before you begin: read your LIS internship guide and LIS internship rules. 

  1. Contact Blythe Bennet ( for permission to register for IST 972 School Media Practicum
  2. Register for IST 972 School Media Practicum through MySlice
  3. Complete and submit the School Media Proposal Form
    • Submission deadline: no later than one week prior to the start of your internship
    • Purpose of form: The internship proposal form gives us the logistical elements of the student and the internship (who, what, when, where, etc.)
  4. Complete and submit the School Media Learning Agreement Form
    • Submission deadline: After 30 hours completed at internship
    • Purpose of form:Gives us more details related to the work situation (how work is to be done, how the work relates to your program of study, methods of communication, criteria for evaluation by supervisor, etc.)
  5. Complete the School Media Student Evaluation Form
    • Submission deadline: due at the end of the internship experience
    • Purpose of form:Allows the student to critique the internship process and key players
  6. Have your site supervisor fill out the School Media Site Supervisor Evaluation
    • Submission deadline: Due at or near the end of the internship experience
    • Purpose of Form:Allows the supervisor to evaluate the performance of the student intern. This form is very important to help determine the internship grade.
    • Additional submission instructions: Your supervisor must fill out the form in electronic or paper format and send to Kathy Benjamin, Employer Relations Coordinator. Form can be sent via:
      • Email attachment to Word document or PDF is acceptable.
      • Fax to 315-443-5673
      • Mail to the postal address listed on the form