Since summer is finally here, we at InfoSpace wanted to share a list of the 5 best blogs from this spring!

Did your favorite blog make the list? If not, let us know in the comments which blog was your favorite from the past few months.

#5 – Why Should You Learn to Program?

Why Should You Learn to Program? - Feature Image of Lemonade

iSchool Professor Mike Fudge breaks down why it’s important for everyone – especially students looking for a career in the information technology field – to understand how programming works.

#4 – Retooling my Skills with Data Science at the iSchool

Retooling Skills with Data Science

iSchool Data Science student Rainier Varilla shares his journey: after working for IBM for almost two decades, Rainier decided to switch things up and attend the iSchool online and focus on data science. Why? You’ll have to read his blog to find out!

#3 – Social Justice and Librarianship

An iSchool student teaches a Girl Scout at the iSchool's

What do librarians or librarianship have to do with social justice? iSchool Library and Information Science students Kara, Jill, and Nicole discuss the critical role of librarianship in social justice initiatives.

#2 – Evolving with Open Source Software at the iSchool

Evolving with Open Source Software at the iSchool

To create a challenge for himself, iSchool student Jaqueem “Jt” Spratley decided to incorporate more open source software into his work for iSchool classes. In this blog, he shares how he did it and which open source tools he used.

#1 – 5 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 apps you didn't know you needed

Jaqueem “Jt” Spratley does it again. His top 5 apps include tools to help you  communicate, manage projects, and even make working at a computer for long hours a little easier on the eyes.

Have a favorite blog that didn’t make it to the top 5 blogs from this spring? Comment below what InfoSpace blogs were your favorites for other readers to check out!