As happy as I am to be back starting a new round of iSchool classes, I’m already missing the days I spent over winter break relaxing and reflecting upon a variety of things. Many of my thoughts revolved around the power of technology that most of us have come to know as everyday or ordinary. I think we all can use a reminder sometimes of all the greatness the technology world has brought us.

A Generation Dependent on iPhones

There are few things that frustrate me more than members of my generation complaining about the inconveniences of modern technology. It wasn’t until I broke my iPhone over the holidays that I realized this.

The emotions of anyone I informed that my iPhone had broken and that I needed to get a replacement ranged from disappointment to outrage. Even though I carelessly dropped my phone multiple times, I found the popular opinion was that it shouldn’t have broken, that it was uncalled for since they cost so much money, or something along those lines. Though I can’t say I wouldn’t pay a good chunk of change for an indestructible smartphone, I don’t think it’s the hardware that’s the problem.

"iPhone sucks so much, sent from my iPhone" meme

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As 2015 begins, we have the ability to do extraordinary things with just the tap of a touchscreen: start our cars, pay for our dinners, and hail a cab, as I’ve previously detailed. When it was time to turn on my replacement phone that was overnighted to me by the insurance company, I felt uneasy since I knew I’d have to spend a few hours getting my phone back to its old settings.

It has clearly been a while since I’ve had to restore an iPhone, because within minutes, iCloud restored my data and settings, as well as logging me back into every single one of my applications.

My mind was blown at the level of simplicity it took to essentially have my phone vanish out of thin air and reappear unchanged. When I got my first cell phone, there was no technology of this kind for my device.

The moves we as a society have made to improve the lives of those around us range from basic tasks like restoring a iPhone to entertainment and media breakthroughs, as well as incredible medical discoveries.

Derby the dog with prosthetic legs

Derby and his prothetic legs. Image via

Even Pets Benefit From Technological Advances

An especially heartwarming story I stumbled upon recently is that of Derby the dog. Derby was born with two deformed legs, and his owner (conveniently a project manager at a 3D printing company) designed him prosthetic legs so he could run like a normal dog.

Though this may not appeal to those who aren’t as crazy about dogs as I am, the effort is remarkable. There obviously are instances far more life-changing than this that technology has brought us, but this one certainly put a smile on my face.

Moral of the Story 

Do I believe people should stop expecting more of technology? Absolutely not.

There will always be things that call for improvement, or ideas that call for innovation and creation.If everyone were to be one-hundred percent content with the available resources, there would be no inspiration for new products or services.

As both a young adult and an iSchooler, I’m especially inspired by the beauty people create through technology and data. I just urge us all to take a step back every once in a while, and smile instead of sigh when our iPhones take a few extra seconds to load our timelines.

What technology are you most grateful for as 2015 begins? Let us know below in the comments or tweet me @meganminier!