Angela Ramnarine-Rieks

Adjunct Professor
Angela Ramnarine-Rieks

My academic training is in the information science field. This includes a Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology, Master of Library Science and a Master of Science in Information Management  from Syracuse University. Other studies are in the life sciences, BSc in Agriculture and MSc in Food Science and Technology (2000) from the University of the West Indies. I am still looking for the appropriate interdisciplinary niche to combine these two disciplines. I have primarily worked as a librarian primarily in web development and  managing various aspects of library systems.


I enjoy golfing, recreational reading, yoga and aerobic activities such as running and hiking and spinning classes. I try to incorporate some type of exercise routine in my daily activities depending on the season to offset the sedentary lifestyle of academic work. With respects to my limited creative efforts I tend to focus on cooking and baking. I am told that my creations are pretty good which serves as a motivation to explore different challenges. I also dapple in a little gardening and landscaping.


I am a member of Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), American Library Association (ALA), Association for College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Society of Learning Technologies (SALT), Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) and Digital Games Research Association(DiGRA).


My research interest lies within the domain of computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) with a focus on construction of knowledge through collaborative design. Much of my research revolves around the following themes: coding as a literacy, game and media design, learning theories in collaborative learning spaces, socio-technical systems in learning environments; learner characteristics in distance learning, collaborative learning and Internet of Things, changing role of libraries and librarians as learning facilitators in the networked world. One of my current goals is to link the explorations occurring in CSCL, with research and evolving practice models related to libraries.

I also possess a keen interest in understanding the implications in the adoption of new technologies. Presently I am part of a research team exploring the socio-technical impacts of the smart grid phenomenon. Exposure to this domain began with my graduate and postdoctoral work with the smart grid research team at Syracuse University. However, my sustained interest was primarily catalyzed by the realization of its impact. From my view, smart grids can be considered as one of the biggest technological revolution happening within this decade. While this area does not fall within my primary research sphere, working in this arena has help me to become more nimble and adaptable as a researcher as well as offering me opportunities to hone my research skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods. 


As an adjunct instructor I teach courses related to digital libraries, data and content management, digital information retrieval, library systems and technologies and application development.  In my courses I draw upon my work experiences and bring real cases into the classroom. I am possess a keen interest in teaching courses with an applied technical spin; more specifically – database design and management, web development, web content management and research design for graduates. I adopt an inquiry- based pedagogical approach in my classes, acting more as a facilitator in the learning process.