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The new Kindle Voyage product from Amazon.

The business of eReaders continues to develop as Amazon’s Kindle Voyage hit the shelves recently. While sites like TechRadar note the declining trend of eReaders, they also note that this particular product might keep the business afloat.

Why is the Kindle Voyage So Different?

While this particular product might seem like every other eReader product, Amazon has made some distinct changes to their product that, according to reviews, greatly improve the electronic reading experience. The majority of Kindle Voyage reviews are (so far) in the five star range.

Sites like Gizmodo went through each of the device’s distinct characteristics. One way that the product has improved is that the display is now 300 dots per inch, which is an increase from the previous 212 dots per inch. Also, the display screen is glass instead of the plastic of older models.

With the physical improvement of the screen comes the feature where visibility goes right to the edge of the screen; making more content available in the visible interface. The weight of the Kindle Voyage is less than the Kindle Paperwhite and it also a bit thinner.

The major drawback of the product that most reviews mention – both user and sites –  is the price. The Kindle Voyage is $200, but with certain added features it can cost up to $290. This price range makes it an expensive holiday gift.

The Competition from Tablets

With the increase of tablets in the market, the competition for eReaders is increasing. When the Kindle Fire was the main product for Amazon’s eReader tablets, Phone Arena and other sites created charts delineating the different similar products available on the market. Google, Samsung, and Apple have different tablets available that provide not only good reading experiences, but other services as well.

Amazon’s Growing Ventures in Technology in the Internet

In addition to creating a new dynamic eReader technology, Amazon has also been taking notice of the other trends of online innovation. This has not been without trouble along the way, however, as the Washington Post described. Because of all of the expenditures on technology projects, according to the article, Amazon stock fell 7.4 percent. The company also lost $437 million in the third quarter of this year.

The Amazon Prime series 'Alpha House.'

The Amazon Prime series ‘Alpha House.’

Despite this, Amazon has many new ventures that it is taking charge of in its current state. By buying Twitch (a live-video-gaming site), growing its grocery store service called AmazonFresh, and creating original content under Amazon Prime such as Alpha House, the company has the potential to continue growing in influence and become an even more ubiquitous brand.

What’s your take on the growth of Amazon into so many different sectors? Good move or road to ruin? Share your thoughts in the comments!