iSchool graduate Julie Deutsch '13, reviews an applicant's resume during the 2014 Spring Career Day event in Hinds Hall. Deutsch is business technology analyst at Deloitte Consulting.

By: J.D. Ross
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The School of Information Studies (iSchool) held its Spring Career Day yesterday in Hinds Hall. Over 20 companies were represented at tables throughout the building as undergraduate and graduate students talked with recruiters about summer internship opportunities as well as full time post-graduation positions.

Some of the visiting recruiters were a little more familiar with the iSchool than others, having been on the other side of the recruiting table themselves, recently. Nearly a half-dozen corporate participants were former iSchool students, sent by their organizations to interview and meet with the next generation of talent.

For Julie Deutsch, a 2013 graduate of the iSchool’s Information Management and Technology undergraduate program, it was a chance to combine her love for Syracuse University with the excitement she feels for her position as a business technology analyst at Deloitte Consulting.

“It was great being able to know what the students were talking about, and relate that to my experience here on campus for the Career Day,” explained Deutsch. Knowing the opportunities available at Syracuse put her in a unique position to advise potential applicants on the best paths for them to take if they were interested in a career in consulting, she noted.

“In general, the iSchool students I talked with were excited about the opportunity to learn more not only about Deloitte, but also about consulting in general,” she said. “This was an awesome combination of my experience at Syracuse and what the iSchool offered me, with my current role at Deloitte – I feel the iSchool set me up very well for what I’m doing in my career.”

Deutsch was speaking to applicants for summer internship positions, as well as a 3-day leadership conference her firm organizes.

Upstairs, Kate Mueller, who received her masters degree in Information Management, as well as a certificate of advanced study in Data Science in 2013, was talking with applicants for positions at BNY Mellon, where she is currently employed as a senior associate in the firm’s client technology solutions area.

“Knowing the iSchool curriculum made it easy to have conversations with students about their interests,” Mueller said.

Mueller was also impressed by the level of preparation that she saw from iSchool students at the event.

“The students did their research, they knew about us, even some of the freshmen had their resumes ready for me,” she remarked.

Mueller is finishing up BNY Mellon’s rotational development program this spring, and due to her data science training at the iSchool, she will likely transition into an operational support position working on the firm’s big data solutions.

“They needed someone who had an understanding of database architecture and the big data realm,” said Mueller, who explained how her data science training made her a good candidate for her new role.

Over 300 students participated in Career Day, according to Jennifer Walters, associate director for employer relations at the iSchool.

The School’s career events mark the beginning of Spring Career Week on campus, with recruiting events taking place University-wide through Thursday.