I can’t believe that my internship at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library is almost over. In just a few days, I will load up my car and drive the six hours back to Syracuse.

Through the course of my internship, I kept track of all the tasks I completed and projects I participated in. Though it feels like I haven’t done much in these past three months, it’s nice to have a record of my accomplishments.

I cataloged and processed hundreds of books, digitized books and pamphlets, and I even got to watch an auction play out online!

Paying it Forward

The Library and Museum staff has been so supportive during my time working with them. I learned a lot, and I am so grateful to everyone for the time they took to guide me through my internship experience.

For anyone who wants to work at the Holocaust Memorial Museum as a Library Intern, they are accepting applications! Find the link here and apply! Tell them Ruby sent you.

Stewards of History

As I discussed in my previous post, the Library acts as a record of history. The Library is a way for patrons and researchers to gain access to and context for history.

And the librarians and library staff: they are stewards. They hold history in their hands, and they use it to advocate for the future. Because of their guidance, I was able to rise to the occasion and honor the Library’s mission. It’s an experience I will never forget.

Integrating Internship Experience with Coursework

Even with all that I accomplished at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, I find myself ready to return to school and start the fall semester.

If I learned one thing through my time at the Library, it’s that skills are honed through real world practice and experience. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to building a strong foundation with further coursework.

I am very excited about taking IST 635 – Collections Development on Thursday nights. It’s a great chance to learn new things that I can apply to real world scenarios.

Getting More Involved

I also want to participate more on campus; during my spring semester last year, I sporadically attended LISSA (Library and Information Science Student Association) meetings. This year, I want to be more engaged and attend more meetings and events.

On their Instagram account, they shared photos I took during my internship, as well photos from other Syracuse University iSchool students! I really want to contribute even more pictures from my graduate school experience.

I also want to work up the courage to present at Day of Fits (Day of Filling in the Spaces), an on campus conference event where anyone can present on whatever topic they choose. Literally. Any topic. One presenter held a talk on Doctor Who!

Something else I have neglected thus far are library conferences. This year, I want to attend NYLA and ALA.

I want to take a more active role in my own development as a future librarian. That’s something my internship has inspired me to do. I want to have more confidence in myself, so that I can learn more and then take that knowledge to be the best librarian possible.