There are many apps built for improving productivity. Two years ago, I recommended 5 apps you didn’t know you needed. Here are five more types with alternatives:

Password Manager

You use a different password for every account. It could be for email, social media, etc. Since you’re (hopefully) changing those passwords every few months, it helps to have an app to manage and notify you when to change them. KeePass, LastPass, and BitWarden are popular choices.

Screenshot Editor

PicPick for Windows and Flameshot for Linux can take multiple types of screenshots using keyboard shortcuts and edit them natively. My favorite PicPick feature is the automated “scrolling window” screenshot of a long webpage. Flameshot can upload directly to Imgur.

File Compressor

Anyone with a website should have a file compression app for handling backup files. WinZip is good but has a free trial. Replace it and it’s annoying notifications with a fully functional free app:

Don’t forget to compare checksums of the original and downloaded file for integrity using the command line interface or (md5 only).

Nothing You Rarely Use

Every app or plugin installed creates more vulnerabilities. If you rarely use something, consider replacing it with a free web app or another already installed program. Don’t use Bluetooth on your computer? Disable or delete the driver. Like internet relay chat (IRC) but don’t chat often? Uninstall Hexchat or mIRC and use instead.

That app with no purpose now that the free trial expired? Yes, even that Norton scanner. Uninstall it. By the way…

Virus Scanner & Firewall

There are many free options for your OS. Windows has Spybot – Search & Destroy, CleanUp!, MalwareBytes, and SuperAntiSpyware. Linux has Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW/GUFW) and Bleachbit.

Honorable Mention: RedShift for Linux

RedShift is a slimmer alternative to F.lux (mentioned in my older article) on Linux for “warming” the computer screen during late nights. It’s preconfigured to align with network time protocol (NTP), but you can create a new config file in the .config/redshift directory to specify the longitude and latitude.

For more alternatives for popular software check out AlternativeTo!

by Jacqueem “Jt” Spratley