Data visualizations are the new white papers and for comprehensive visualizations, you need data. I started using Last.FM years ago not to find new music but to scrobble what I play so that at some point I can look at this data and find intriguing insights into my music habits. I started using Foursquare so that I know where I’ve been, not with the intention of spamming my Twitter and Facebook timelines with where I currently am but more to look back at geo and time data. When I moved to the US, I found friends and family asking me the places I’ve visited and I stumbled on a way to map my Foursquare checkins and I could share this with them.

Then there is Facebook, I share articles I write, videos I like and at the same time keep in touch with friends and read stuff they share. Now, all this social activity for me is about data, for businesses it is to sell targeted ads, for me it is to know more about people and me. Recently, I came across three projects built around these social networks that visualize your social activities in a beautiful way which takes you back to those moments you shared with friends and family or just by yourself exploring places.


The name is short for memory lane and this project does take you down memory lane by creating a beautiful timeline of what music you listened to on a day, where you checked in, the photos you uploaded to Facebook and more. The web interface is smooth and integration with a wide range of social networks will ensure something for everyone. Here’s a screenshot:

(You navigate using the bars at the bottom of the screen.)



This service maps all your Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places checkins on a time line with an animation showing your movements in the across the globe! Unfortunately, having a wall sized projector screen would be the best way to see your travelogue across the world. It is amazing to see my travels from within India (Bombay, Bangalore, North India) to Syracuse, New York City, Seattle being plotted as they happened.

I wish they could improve the video by making the display at a specific zoom and screen moving with the connector lines.


Intel Museum of Me

Intel’s Museum of Me is probably one of the best ways for a company to go viral on social networks. The engineers at Intel allow you to create a museum out of your Facebook profile and prepare a video tour for you. Mining through my photographs, geo data, videos and friends here’s a screenshot from my museum:

A bit of interactivity wouldn’t hurt in my opinion.

Museum of Me

(Featured image courtesy Caliber Pulse)