By: Jessica Smith

The School of Information Studies (iSchool) today releases the list of over 35 speakers for the one-day #140cuse conference on April 19th at the Schine Student Center on the Syracuse University Campus.

#140cuse, a local version of the widely known #140conference (, is a platform for the social media community to listen, learn and engage with each other while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business, which Jeff Pulver, #140conference’s founder, calls “the state of now.”

In its inaugural year, #140cuse will draw hundreds of attendees to join speakers who will share authentic stories about how the medium of the real time web has affected their lives. Speakers will discuss a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from local issues to global problems affecting nations. Many speakers will touch on how the innovative technologies available today are not only making the world appear smaller, but also helping to provide a better quality of life for many. 

The event will feature speakers from all industries, from news and entertainment, to government and business, each offering unique learning and networking opportunities.

The full speaker list, available on the #140cuse website, includes highlights such as, Alexis Ohanian, entrepreneur and co-founder of Reddit, Tim Pool, journalist and web broadcaster from the Occupy Wall Street movement, Josh Lukin, director of, and Beth Beck, Operations Outreach Manager at NASA.

The conference schedule is fast paced, with individuals speaking in ten minute slots, and panel discussions set for fifteen or twenty minutes. This rapid style and the wide range of topics discussed, provides a platform for as many people as possible to share their thoughts and engage in conversation with attendees.

Tickets for the #140cuse Conference are available at a discounted price through March 1st –  $1.40 for students, $14.00 for Syracuse University alumni, and $30.00 for general admission.