It is that magical time of year again. Cue the prix-fixe dining. I have something for those of us who want to focus on something less expected but equally admirable as assorted chocolates and flower deliveries.

Data is everywhere!

In honor of Valentine’s Day on February 14, I have compiled a list of 14 reasons to love your data.

Because of data we:

1. Search for true love. According to NY Daily News, one-third of married couples in the United States meet online. For a geeky example, be sure to read Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match.

2. Adapt. What happens when you are faced with facts that do not prove your point? Well, you can ignore it but those with data savvy will take heed.

3. Learn who we are. A great example of this is wearable technology to track fitness.

4. Know it has our back. Data is the evidence we need to make a case. If this evidence does not prove your point, see #2.

5. Dig deeper. When we are faced with data that tells an incomplete story, we go looking for it. My favorite descriptor for this is data curious.

6. Break barriers. There is much talk about disparate sources of data. EMC’s Reflections predicts that 2014 will show a focus on developing valuable big data lakes—the response to data silos.

7. Live in real time. With 24-7 access to news, entertainment and social media, we are always connected.

8. Trend well. See above. Yesterday’s data is so 24 hours ago.

9. Have things to talk about. Whether it is tracking the latest Syracuse basketball win or conversing about world events, data arms us with plenty of topics.

10. Get attention. Notice how putting the number 14 in the title of this post makes it seem legit?

11. Stay on our game. Whether planning life or work, having the facts in mind keeps us competitive.

12. Democratize. Information is freely exchanged like never before. No longer is it delivered on a need-to-know basis.

13. Make data-driven decisions. What I am really talking about is basing our decisions on actual information, as opposed to hunches. HBR articulates this as testing the hypothesis to learn whether our intuition is correct. Beakers not required.

14. Revolutionize our industries. Whether it is taking supply chain management to the next level or predicting elections, big data that exists in our world is a game-changer.

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Why do you love data? Please be sure to leave your reasons to love data in the comments.