Mobile development, specifically iOS development or development for the iPhone and iPad, is becoming an increasingly in demand skill. Last year Apple sold a record number of iPhones, and sold out of the iPhone 4S pre-orders before it even hit the market. Therefore, it’s not surprising  that we are seeing solicitations from a variety of sources, like family-owned convenience stores and local newspapers, looking for Objective C programming talent to develop their very own iPhone app.

There is so much information, Where do I begin?

For those of you looking to break into iOS development online, it can be difficult to sort the quality and thorough material from the nonsensical fluff, so I’ve put together this list of what I’ve found to be the best places to learn iOS development.

  •– Fee for month online video tutorials from some brilliant programmers
  •– Download both the design and code boilerplates and follow along in the tutorial
  •– A collection of various mobile development tutorials
  •– Crowd-sourced developer question and answer, chances are if you have a question it’s been or can be answered here
  • Apple- Learn Objective C– Apple knows the value of it’s products is in the app store, here they have released some pretty thorough Objective C documentation
  •– Know HTML? PhoneGap helps you turn html into a native app
  • Titanium– Similar to PhoneGap, Titanium helps turn html into a native app, but is heavier in needed javascript knowledge
  •– Wealth of knowledge. Fee for month service giving you way more then just iOS development and programming but complete adobe suite tutorials and more
  • Stanford iOS Development CS 193P– Learn with the students of Stanford, download homework, lectures and notes and participate in the class as the semester progresses
  • TechnoBuffalo– More of a variety page, offering reviews as well as tutorials but worth the look and good reference point
  • MIT intro to iOS Development– Similar to Stanfords iOS development course, but originating on the opposite coast
  • iPhone App Development: Where to Start??– Walk through of what can seem like a complicated and overwhelming amount of starting steps
  • Maniac Dev– List style tutorials
  • Mobile Orchard’s Hello World– We had to include at least one Hello World tutorial for sentimental reasons

Do you have any other sites to add to this list?  Tell us in the comments!