Past Dissertations

Our doctoral students collaborate, push boundaries, and spark new ideas. View our full collection of their dissertations, dating back to 1973.

Tina AlSadha, DPS
Leveraging Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) to Enhance Cybersecurity
Joon Park, Advisor

Subhasree Sengupta, Ph.D.
Envisioning Digital Sanctuaries: An Exploration of Virtual Collectives for Nurturing Professional Development of Women in Technical Domains.
Assistant Professor Jasmina Tacheva, Advisor

Sarika Kumari Sharma, Ph.D.
The Institutionalization of Data Integration
Professor Steve Sawyer, Advisor

Sarah Elaine Bratt, Ph.D.
Research Data Management Practices and Impacts on Long-Term Data Sustainability: An Institutional Exploration
Professor Jian Qin, Advisor

Yingya Li, Ph.D.
Detecting Health Advice Giving Practice in Medical Research Literature.
Professor Bei Yu, Advisor

Yisi Sang, Ph.D.
Algorithmic Benchmarking and Modeling of Character Understanding in Narrative Stories
Professor Jeffrey Stanton, Advisor

Qunfang Wu, Ph.D.
Conversations About Crime: Reinforcing and Fighting Against Platformed Racism on Reddit.
Assistant Professor Bryan Semaan and Associate Professor Jeff Hemsley, Advisors

Erin Bartolo, Ph.D.
Awarded Posthumously

Alain Rutayisire Shema, Ph.D.
Essays on Strategies for Increasing Repayment Rates of Digital Microloans.
Professor Martha Garcia-Murillo and Assistant Professor Daniel Acuña, Advisors

Mahboobeh Harandi, Ph.D.
Occasional Groups in Crowdsourcing Platforms.
Professor Kevin Crowston, Advisor

Erica Mitchell, Ph.D.
The Effect of Decentralized User Perceptions on Household IoT Security Intentions
Joon Park, Advisor

Erica Mitchell, PhD
The Effect of Decentralized User Perceptions on Household IoT Security Intentions
Professor Joon Park, Advisor

Huichuan Xia, Ph.D.
A Study of Ethics in Crowd Work-Based Research.
Professor Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Advisor

Yaxing Yao, Ph.D.
Privacy for Whom? A Multi-Stakeholder Exploration of Privacy Designs.
Assistant Professor Yang Wang and Assistant Professor Bryan Semaan, Advisors

Brian Dobreski, Ph.D.
Values in knowledge organization standards: A value analysis of Resource Description & Access (RDA)
Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

Corey Jackson Jr., Ph.D.
Characterizing Novelty as a Motivator in Online Citizen Science
Professor Kevin Crowston, Advisor

Bryan Dosono, Ph.D.
Identity Work of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on Reddit: Traversals of Deliberation, Moderation, and Decolonization
Assistant Professor Bryan Semaan, Advisor

Patricia Vargas Leon, Ph.D.
Addressing the ultimate form of cybersecurity control: a multiple case study for the Internet kill switch
Professor Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Advisor

Martha Lorber, DPS
Advancing Software Evaluation Rubrics in the Era of Big Data: The Value of Genre and Activity Theories

Professor Michelle L. Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

Ivan Shamshurin, Ph.D.
Improving Data Science Team Performance via the Use of a Kanban Process Framework that has Enhanced Mentoring, Coaching and Metrics Utilization.
Associate Professor Jeffrey Saltz, Advisor

Jerry Robinson, Ph.D.
The Do-It-Yourself and Hacker-Like Practices of Individuals with Disabilities: A Comparative Case Analysis
Professor Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Advisor

Sikana Tanupabrungsun, Ph.D.
Microcelebrity Practices: A Cross-Platform Study Through a Richness Framework
Assistant Professor Jeff Hemsley, Advisor

Norma Palomino Grubb, DPS
The Role of Approximate Negators in Modeling the Automatic Detection of Negation in Tweets
Research Associate Professor Nancy McCracken, Advisor

Dane Dell, Ph.D.
The Social Shaping of a National Health Information System: The Case of GNY Health in Jamaica
Associate Professor Murali Venkatesh, Advisor

You Zheng, Ph.D.
Knowledge Requirements, Gaps and Learning Practices in Smart Grid Adoption: An Exploratory Study in U.S. Electric Utility Industry
Professor Jason Dedrick, Advisor

Lauren Britton, Ph.D.
Manifesting the Cyborg via Techno-Body Modification: From Human-Computer Interaction to Integration
Assistant Professor Bryan Semaan, Advisor

Naybell Hernandez, Ph.D.
Understanding Information Use in Online Consumer-Health Discussion Groups:  A look into Interactive Health Communications Networks
Professor Kevin Crowston, Advisor

David James, Ph.D.
The Presence of Groove in Online Songwriting Projects
Professor Steve Sawyer, Advisor

Gabriel Mugar, Ph.D.
Encounters with Authority: Tactics and negotiations at the periphery of participatory platforms
Associate Professor Carsten Oesterlund, Advisor

Fatima Espinoza-Vasquez, Ph.D.
Role of ICTs in Social Movements: The Case of the Honduran National Front Against the Coup d’état
Associate Professor Murali Venkatesh, Advisor

Andreas Kuehn, Ph.D.
Zero-Day Exploits and the Control of Cyber Weapons: Analyzing the Discourse & the Emerging institutions in Cybersecurity
Professor Milton Mueller, Advisor

Matt Willis, Ph.D.
Patient Sociotechnical Assemblages: The Distributed Cognition of Health Information Management
Professor Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Advisor

Jasy Liew Yuet San, Ph.D.
Fine-grained Emotion Detection in Microblog Text
Dean and Trustee Professor, Elizabeth Liddy, Associate Professor Howard Turtle, Advisors

Mark Costa, Ph.D.
The Temporal and Structural dynamics of social capital in Scientific Collaboration Networks: a case study
Jian Qin, Advisor

Angela Ramnarine-Rieks, Ph.D.
Learning by Game Design for Library Instruction: A Multiple Case Study
Associate Professor Scott Nicholson, Advisor

Janet Marsden, Ph.D.
Developing a Framework for Stigmergic Human Collaboration with Technology Tools: Cases in Emergency Response
Professor Jeffrey Stanton, Advisor

Renata Curty, Ph.D.
Beyond ‘data thrifting’: an investigation of factors influencing research data reuse
Professor Jian Qin, Advisor

Min-Chun Ku, Ph.D.
Investigating the Associations between Credibility Assessments and Information-use Tasks with Respect to Document Genres in the Context of University Teaching
Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

Claudia Louis, Ph.D.
Advancing a Framework for the Adoption of Challenges and Prizes in US Federal Agencies
Professor Jason Dedrick, Advisor

Delicia Greene, Ph.D.
Concrete Roses:  A Critical Exploration of Black Adolescent Girls’ Literacy & Language Practices in an Online Street Literature Book Club
Professor Ruth Small, Advisor

Susan Rothwell, Ph.D.
Question-Asking Behavior of Faculty during Conceptual Instructional Design: A Step toward Demystifying the Magic of Design
Associate Professor of Practice Marilyn Arnone, Advisor

Michael Scialdone, Ph.D.
Understanding the Use and Impact of Social Media Features on the Educational Experience of Higher-Education Students in Blended and Distance-Learning Environments
Professor Ping Zhang, Advisor

Jian Tang, Ph.D.
Understanding the Influences of Atmospheric Cues on Consumer Behavioral Intentions: An Affordance Perspective
Professor Ping Zhang, Advisor

Swati Bhattacharyya, Ph.D.
How context Matters in Digital Library Use
Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

Veronica Maidel, Ph.D.
Searching as Thinking: The Role of Cues in Query Reformulation
Dean and Trustee Professor Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor, Associate Professor Howard Turtle, Advisor

Rae’d Sharif, Ph.D.
Utilization and Value of Public Sector Information for Knowledge Development:  The Case of South Africa
Professor Milton Mueller, Advisor

Miao Chen, Ph.D.
Using Ontology-Based Approaches to Representing Speech Transcripts for Automated Speech Scoring
Associate Professor Jian Qin, Advisor

Youngseek Kim, Ph.D.
Institutional and Individual Influences on Scientists’ Data Sharing Behaviors
Professor Ping Zhang, Advisor

Keisuke Inoue, Ph.D.
An Investigation of Digital Reference Interview:  A Dialogue Act Approach
Dean and Trustee Professor Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, Ph.D.
Social Technologies and Informal Knowledge Sharing Within and Across Organizations
Professor Steven Sawyer, Advisor

Johanna Birkland, Ph.D.
A Theory of ICT User Types:  Exploring Domestication and Meaning of ICTS through Comparative Case Studies
Professor Michelle Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

Nathan R. Prestopnik, Ph.D.
Design Science in Human-Computer Interaction:  A Model and Three Examples
Professor Ping Zhang, Advisor

Mary Grace Flaherty, Ph.D.
The Public Library as Health Information Resource?
Associate Professor Carsten Osterlund, Advisor

Joseph Treglia, Ph.D.
A Socio-technical Systems Approach to Information Sharing in Law Enforcement and Emergency Response
Associate Professor Lee McKnight, Advisor

Mawaki Chango, Ph.D.
Becoming Artifacts:  Medieval Seals, Passports and the Future of Digital Identity
Associate Professor Lee McKnight, Advisor

Andrea Wiggins, Ph.D.
Crowdsourcing Scientific Work:  A Comparative Study of Technologies, Processes and Outcomes in Citizen Science
Professor Kevin Crowston, Advisor

Jaime Snyder, Ph.D.
Image-Enabled Discourse:  Investigating the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice
Dean and Trustee Professor, Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Sarah Webb, Ph.D. 2011

International, National and Local Notions of Public Libraries:  An Extended Case Study in Namibia

Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

Joseph Rubleske, Ph.D. 2011

A Temporal Model of Mindful Interactions Around New Service Conception

Professor Michelle Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

Todd Edson Marshall, Ph.D. 2011

Participatory Networks in a Nonprofit Organization:  A comparative Case Study

Associate Professor R. David Lankes, Advisor

Brenden Kuerbis, Ph.D. 2011

Securing Critical Internet Resources:  influencing Internet governance through Social Networks and Delegation

Professor Milton Mueller, Advisor

Matthew Dames, Ph.D. 2011

The Piracy Paradigm:  Framing U.S. Copyright Law

Associate Professor, Lee McKnight, Advisor

Xiaozhong Liu, Ph.D. 2010

Community Interest as an Indicator for Ranking

Dean and Trustee Professor, Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Benjamin Addom, Ph.D. 2010

Knowledge Brokering in the Digital Age: The Case of an Agricultural Innovation System

Associate Professor Murali Venkatesh, Advisor

Isabelle Fagnot, Ph.D. 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Persuasive:  Enhancing Retention of Future Information Professionals through Attitude Inoculation

Associate Dean Jeffrey Stanton, Advisor

Ugur Yeliz Eseryel, Ph.D. 2010

Leadership Behaviors and Perception in Self-Managing Virtual Teams

Professor Robert Heckman, Advisor

Christina Finneran, Ph.D. 2010

Factors that Influence Users to Keep and Leave Information Items:  A Case Study of College Students’ Personal Information Management Behavior

Dean and Trustee Professor Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Saira Haque, Ph.D. 2009

Coordinating Across Boundaries:  Improving Patient Care Teams

Professor Carsten Osterlund, Advisor

Shuyuan Mary Ho, Ph.D. 2009

Behavioral Anomaly Detection:  A Socio-Technical Study to Trustworthiness in Virtual Organizations

Professor Jeffrey Stanton, Advisor

Kangning Wei, Ph.D.  2009

Practice Lens for Studying National Culture:  The Impact of National Culture on Knowledge-Sharing Activities in Global Virtual Collaboration

Professor Michelle Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

Richard Southwick, Ph.D. 2009

Beyond This Room:  Sensitive Information in Organizations

Professor Michelle Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

Na Li, Ph.D. 2008

Toward E-Commerce Websites Evaluation and Use:  A Balanced View

Professor Michelle Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

James Howison, Ph.D. 2008

Alone Together:  A Socio-technical Theory of Motivation, Coordination and Collaboration Technologies in Organizing for Free and Open Source Software Development

Professor Kevin Crowston, Advisor

Youn Jung Park, Ph.D. 2008

The Political Economy of Country Code Top Level Domains

Professor Lee McKnight, Advisor

Mary McKenna, Ph.D. 2008

User-Based Criteria for Use and Evaluation of Alert Services

Professor Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Heshan Sun, Ph.D. 2007

Toward A Better Understanding of Dynamics of IT Use:  A New Concept of Adaptive IT Use

Professor Ping Zhang, Advisor

Edgar Dale Thompson, Ph.D. 2007

Beyond This Room:  Sensitive Information in Organizations

Professor Michelle Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

Chingning Wang, Ph.D. 2007

Theorizing Strategic IT Compensation Decisions:  Coping with Uncertainties in Organizations via IT Compensation

Professor Michelle Kaarst-Brown, Advisor

Svetlana Symonenko, Ph.D. 2007

A Website Through Genre Lenses:  Recognizing Emergent Regularities in Website Content Structure

Professor Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Ji-Hong Park, Ph.D. 2007

Factors Influencing the Adoption of Open Access Publishing

Professor Jian Qin, Advisor

Anuradha Mundkur, Ph.D. 2006

Let’s Fix the Plumbing:  Information Technology and Bureaucratic Reform:  A Case in India

Professor Murali Venkatesh, Advisor

Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D. 2006

A Model of Contractural Project-based Work:  Personal Social Network Connectivity, ICT Use and Self-monitoring

Professor Kevin Crowston, Advisor

Eleonora Misiolek, Ph.D. 2006

Patterns of Emergent Leadership in Ad Hoc Virtual Teams

Professor Robert Heckman, Advisor

Victoria Rubin, Ph.D. 2006

Identifying Certainty in Texts

Professor Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Indira Guzman DeGalvez, Ph.D. 2006

”As You Like I.T.”: Occupational Culture and Commitment of New Information Technologists

Professor Jeffrey Stanton, Advisor

Shafiz Mohd. Yusof, Ph.D. 2006

Rules of the Game:  The Social World of EverQuest

Professor Murali Venkatesh, Advisor

Nasriah Zakaria, Ph.D. 2006

“To tell or not to tell?”:  Social Dynamics in Disclosure Communities

Professor Jeffrey Stanton, Advisor

Norhayati Zakaria, Ph.D. 2006

Culture Matters? The Effect of Culture on Member Participation in Globally Distributed Collaboration During WSIS

Professor Derrick Cogburn, Advisor

Hala Annabi, Ph.D. 2005

Moving From Individual Contribution To Group Learning:  The Early Years of the Apache Web Server

Professor Kevin Crowston, Advisor

Stacy Veeder, Ph.D. 2005

Confidentiality Expectations and Willingness to Disclose Health-Care Information to a Health-Care Provider

Professor Thomas Martin, Advisor

Pamela Revercomb, Ph.D. 2005

Internet Information Literacy:  A Case Study of Senior Adults

Professor Ruth Small, Advisor

Stephen Paling, Ph.D. 2004

Technology, Values and Genre Change:  The Case of Small Literary Magazines

Professor Michael Nilan, Advisor

Dong Hee Shin, Ph.D. 2004

Development of Broadband Public Network:  Two Case Studies

Professor Murali Venkatesh, Advisor

Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Ph. D. 2004

Academic Authors’ Perception on Copyright Protection

Professor Milton Mueller, Advisor

Betsy Martens, Ph.D. 2003

Theories at Work:  An Exploratory Study

Professor Abby Goodrum, Advisor

Jianping Chen, Ph.D.  2003

The Construction, Use and Evaluation of a Lexical Knowledge Base for English-Chinese Cross Language Information Retrieval

Professor Elizabeth D. Liddy, Advisor

Nelson Massad, Ph.D. 2003

Customer Perceived Transaction Satisfaction with Electronic Service Encounters:  A Critical Incident Analysis of Product-Related Services and Pure Services on the Web

Professor Robert Heckman, Advisor

Charmaine Barreto, Ph.D.  2003

The Motivators and Effects of Formalized Knowledge Sharing Between Employees Through Knowledge Management Initiatives:  A Multi-Case Study Approach

Professor Robert Heckman, Advisor

Anne Diekema, Ph.D. 2003

Translation Events in Cross-Language Information Retrieval:  Lexical Ambiguity, Lexical Holes, Vocabulary Mismatch, and Correct Translations

Professor Elizabeth D. Liddy, Advisor

Jeffrey Pomerantz, Ph.D. 2003

Question Taxonomies for Digital Reference Triage

Professor Elizabeth D. Liddy, Advisor

Kyunghye Yoon, Ph.D.  2002

Certainty, Uncertainty and the Role of Topic and Comment in Interpersonal Information Seeking Interactions

Professor Michael Nilan, Advisor

Silvia Barcellos Southwick, Ph.D.  2001

Understanding Intermediation In A Digital Environment:  An Exploratory Case Study

Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

Nor Shahriza Abdul Karim, Ph.D.  2001

Discretionary Behavior of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Supported Ad Hoc Task Groups

Professor Robert Heckman, Advisor

Jee Yeon Lee, Ph.D.  2001

An Investigation of Modes of Access for the Retrieval of Emotional Content of Pictures

Professor Susan Bonzi, Advisor

Kristin Eschenfelder, Ph.D.  2001

Comparing the Perceived Problems of Distributed and Centralized World Wide Web System Managers:  A Modified Goal Theory Approach

Professor Charles McClure, Advisor

Makiko Miwa, Ph.D.  2000

Use of Human Intermediation in Information Problem Solving:  A User’s Perspective

Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

Hsiang Chen, Ph.D. 2000

Exploring Web Users’ On-line Optimal Flow Experience

Professor Rolf Wigand, Advisor

Woojin Paik, Ph.D.  2000

Chronological information Extraction SyStem (CHESS)

Professor Stuart Sutton, Advisor

Claire Urfels, Ph.D.  2000

Information Problem-Solving in Personal, High-Stakes Situations

Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

John Beachboard, Ph.D. 1999

Assessing the Consequences of Federal Information Technology Management Policies on Federal Agency Practice

Professor Charles McClure, Advisor

Chatpong Tangmanee, Ph.D.  1999

The Use of Computer-Mediated Communication Systems by Programmers

Professor Thomas Martin, Advisor

Richard David Lankes, Ph.D.  1999

Building and Maintaining Internet Information Services

Professor Michael Eisenberg, Advisor

Joanne Lavine Silverstein, Ph.D.  1998

Information Technology and Electronic Commerce: Attributes of Emerging Online Business

Professor Robert Benjamin, Advisor

Hannah Francis, Ph.D.  1998

The Information Use Environment: A Descriptive Study of Agriculturists in the Developing Country of Trinidad and Tobago

Professor Barbara Kwasnik, Advisor

Herbert Ward Snyder, Ph.D.  1998

A Study of the Effects of Electronic Storage of Government Information on the Freedom of Information Act

Professor Charles McClure, Advisor

William E. Moen, Ph.D.  1998

The Development of ANSI/NISO Z39.50: A Case Study in Standards Evolution

Professor Charles McClure, Advisor

John C. Bertot, Ph.D.  1996

The Impact of Information Resources Management on Federal Agency Strategic Objective Attainment: An Empirical Analysis

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Corinne Jorgensen, Ph.D.  1996

Image Attributes: An Investigation

Professor Elizabeth Liddy, Advisor

Howard Steven Rosenbaum, Ph.D.  1996

Managers and Information in Organizations: Towards a Structurational Concept of the Information Use Environment of  Managers

Professor Michael Nilan, Advisor

Pierrette Bergeron, Ph.D.  1995

An Examination of the Perceptions and Practices of Information Resources Management in Large Organizations from the Canadian Private Sector

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Ann Peterson Bishop, Ph.D.  1995

The Use of Computer Networks in Aerospace Engineering

Professor Charles McClure, Advisor

Donald Lee Day, Ph.D.  1995

User Responses to Constraints in Computerized Design Tools

Professor Thomas Martin, Advisor

Philip Doty, Ph.D.  1995

Electronic Networks and the Reward Structure of Academic Science

Professor Charles McClure, Advisor

Sanda Erdelez, Ph.D.  1995

Information Encountering: An Exploration Beyond Information Seeking

Professor Michael Eisenberg, Advisor

Carol A. Hert, Ph.D.  1995

Exploring a New Model for the Understanding of Information Retrieval Interactions

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Christopher Soo-Guan Khoo, Ph.D.  1995

Automatic Identification of Causal Relations in Text and Their Use for Improving Precision in Information Retrieval

Professor Robert Oddy, Advisor

Sam Gyun Oh, Ph.D.  1995

An Empirical Fact Retrieval System: An Entity-Relationship and Relational Approach

Professor Michael Eisenberg, Advisor

Michael Lawrence McHale, Ph.D.  1995

Combining Machine-Readable Lexical Resources with a Principle Based Parser

Professor Sung Myaeng, Advisor

Bozidar V. Travica, Ph.D.  1995

The Information Technology Enabling of the Non-Traditional Organization: An Exploratory Study into Accounting Organizations

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Adeyemi Abiodun Adekoya, Ph.D.  1993

Evaluation of Factors Promoting Successful Microcomputing Implementation in the Nigerian Workplace

Professor Thomas Martin, Advisor

Lorraine M. Duvall, Ph.D.  1993

A Study of Problematic Situations and Information Needs of Software Managers in the United States and Japan

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Judith A. Moline, Ph.D.  1993

A Longitudinal Study of How Numismatists Work: Information Needs for Scholarly Research Involving Artifacts

Professor Robert Oddy, Advisor

Carol L. Barry, Ph.D.  1993

The Identification of User Criteria: Beyond the Topical Approach to Information Retrieval

Professor Susan Bonzi, Advisor

Myron Henry Gluck, Ph.D.  1993

Understanding Performance in Information Systems: An Investigation of System and User View of Geographic Information

Professor Michael Eisenberg, Advisor

Gregory B. Newby, Ph.D.  1993

Toward Navigation for Information Retrieval

Professor Michael Nilan, Advisor

Linda Schamber, Ph.D.  1991

User’s Criteria for Evaluation in Weather-Related Multimedia Information Seeking and Use Situations

Professor Michael Eisenberg, Advisor

Patricia T. Fletcher, Ph.D.  1991

An Examination of Situational Dimensions in the Information Environment of General Managers

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Ruth Ann Palmquist, Ph.D.  1990

A Study of Word Associations in the Natural Language Expressions of Information Needs in an Information Retrieval Setting

Professor Michael Eisenberg, Advisor

Joseph William Janes, Ph.D.  1989

Toward a Search Theory of Information

Professor Robert Oddy, Advisor

Elizabeth D. Liddy, Ph.D.  1988

The Discourse-Level Structure of Natural Language Text: An Exploratory Study of Empirical Abstracts

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Halim Bin Shafie, Ph.D.  1988

The Relationship Between Organizational Information Processing and Effectiveness: A Study of Research and Development Organizations

Professor Marta Dosa, Advisor

Margaret Geraldene Walker, Ph.D.  1988

A Comparative Approach to the Evaluation of End-User Search Performance

Professor Michael Eisenberg, Advisor

Paul Brian Gandel, Ph.D.  1986

The Effect of Pictorial Field Forces on Visual Information Processing

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Candy Schwartz, Ph.D.  1986

The Study of the Application of Post-Retrieval Clustering in Bibliographic Databases

Professor Michael McGill, Advisor

Padmini Das-Gupta, Ph.D.  1985

An Investigation into the Two Poisson Model of Automatic Indexing

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Michael Eisenberg, Ph.D.  1985

Magnitude Estimation and the Measurement of Relevance

Professor Evelyn Daniel, Advisor

William Conniff, Ph.D.  1983

Information Patterns and Needs of New York State Assembly Staff

Professor Marta Dosa, Advisor

Christopher Fox, Ph.D.  1982

On Information

Professor Leigh Estabrook, Advisor

William Frakes, Ph.D.  1982

Term Conflation for Information Retrieval

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Elizabeth Brindle, Ph.D.  1981

The Relationship Between Characteristics of Searchers and Their Behavior while Using an Online Interactive Retrieval System

Professor Wayne Crouch, Advisor

Judith Tessier, Ph.D.  1981

User Satisfaction with Computer-Based Literature Searches in Medical Libraries: A Study From a Multi-Attribute Perspective

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Karen Markey, Ph.D.  1981

Computer-Assisted Construction of a Guide to Themes and Concepts in Medieval Art and Their Essential Attributes

Professor Pauline Cochrane, Advisor

Robert Waldstein, PhD.  1981

Role of Noun Phrases as Content Indications

Professor Evelyn Daniel, Advisor

Elliot Cole, Ph.D.  1980

The Organized Setting of Subscribers to a Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Service: An Approach to Clients and Users of an Information Retrieval Service

Professor Michael McGill, Advisor

Richard Veith, Ph.D.  1980

The Impact of Computerized Information Processing Systems: The Case of International Banking

Professor Evelyn Daniel, Advisor

Matthew Koll, Ph.D.  1979

The Concept Space in Information Retrieval Systems as a Model of Human Concepts Relations

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Linda Cheryl Smith, Ph.D.  1979

Selected Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Information Retrieval Systems Research

Professor Michael McGill, Advisor

Terry Noreault, Ph.D.  1979

User Directed Relevance Feedback

Professor Michael McGill, Advisor

James Sodt, Ph.D.  1979

The Effect of Metainformation Cost Change on Information and Metainformation Preferences in a Decision Task

Professor Wayne Crouch, Advisor

Daniel O’Connor, Ph.D.  1978

Effect of Person Differences on Subjective Relevance Assessments in the Use of Subject Catalogs

Professor Roger Greer, Advisor

Dorothy Byers, Ph.D.  1976

Effects of Cognitive Style and Information Load on Process in a Decision-Making Task

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

William McGrath, Ph.D.  1975

Relationships Between Subject Characteristics and Use of Books in a University Library

Professor Robert Taylor, Advisor

David Davidson, Ph.D.  1974

An Examination of the Effects Individual Cognitive Styles Have On the Judgement of Document Relevance in Information Retrieval System

Professor Jeffrey Katzer, Advisor

Douglas Zweizig, Ph.D.  1973

Predicting Library Use: An Empirical Study of the Role of the Public Library in the Life of the Adult Public

Professor Brenda Dervin, Advisor