Orange Art & Architecture

The Orange Art & Architecture project began in the fall semester, 2019. This project, funded by iSchool Board member Christine Larsen, began with the goal of “letting the buildings speak.”

Christine had noticed that there were historical sites on campus that weren’t being displayed very well, and that people could walk right by and not take notice of a piece of SU’s history.

Orange Art and Architecture project presentation

Research team members Jennifer Sonne (left) and Brittany Bertazon present the Alpha phase of the project to the iSchool and Libraries Board of Advisors.

Through an iterative research process, the team has been developing a web-based app which shows key architecture, art, flora, and memorials points of interest (POI) with the goal to provide historical and notable information about each POIs.

The project will be completed in two phases: the fall semester “Alpha Phase” and the spring semester “Beta Phase”. For the Alpha Phase the team is gathering information on POIs located on the quad, and will expand this research to the rest of campus for the Beta Phase.

It is the research team and funder’s hope that this project will serve as a way for student research to bring the humanities and technology together.

The project team consists of:

CCDS Director Jenny Stromer-Galley
Research Assistant Professor Brian McKernan
Research Analyst Yatish Hegde
Research Project Administrator Alexandra Boyce (Sargent)
PhD Candidate Jennifer Sonne
M.S. LIS student Brittany Bertazon
BS student Yiwei Li