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Employer Relations

iSchool Employer Relations and Career Services

Syracuse University’s iSchool has led the information age for over 100 years. Business, communications, libraries, and technology converge in an iSchool education to create a versatile and agile employee ready for the 21st century workplace. For the information technology field, our students graduate with the practical systems know-how and the management and communications understanding to act as liaisons between senior management and technical staff, advising both parties on IT-related decisions that can significantly impact the organization. In the field of Library and Information Science, our students are prepared as socially engaged scholars and professionals in the knowledge industry, equipped with the technical and interdisciplinary skills required to advance the information profession.  

Partnering with the iSchool

The iSchool welcomes the opportunity to partner with you in multiple ways:

Experiential Learning

The iSchool values the importance of real world, hands-on experience. To ensure a well-rounded education for our students, students are eligible to complete and receive internship credit for qualified work experiences. By hosting an intern, you get the fresh perspective of a dedicated student to work on a range of projects and are enabled to build a pipeline of future talent for your organization. To discuss an internship opportunity, please contact Kathy Benjamin at


We’ll link you to the diverse talent within the iSchool and satisfy your need for information professionals through career fairs, recruiting appointments, and posting your open positions.  To register for our next career fair, please register here. To discuss job opportunities and customize your recruiting strategy for the iSchool, please contact Sarah Weber at

Collaboration in Research Projects

Collaborate with our world-renowned faculty and talented students on a research project to advance your organization to the leading edge. For additional information, please contact Sarah Weber at

Share Your Insights

Partner with us to ensure our innovative curriculum continues to be in tune with industry trends and prepares our graduates with the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Visit us in the classroom as a guest lecturer or as a featured presenter to the iSchool community. If you are interested, please contact Sarah Weber at

Executive Education

Keep the skills of you and your employees current through our courses delivered in flexible formats for working professionals, including part-time and online. Or have the iSchool customize its offerings for your organization. Please see our Executive Education page for details.

Visit the iSchool

Please complete the employer visit checklist

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Weber at

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