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Minor in Data Analytics at the iSchool

The School of Information Studies offers an 18-credit minor program in Data Analytics. Students with any non-iSchool major in any college within Syracuse University can pursue this minor.

The Data Analytics minor gives students the analytical and technical skills as well as foundational understanding of the role of data in today's society.

Every industry is in need of graduates with big data and analytics skills. The versatility of Data Analytics makes it a great minor option for students in any major at Syracuse University.

Why should you Minor in Data Analytics?

A minor in Data Analytics adds a new dimension to your skills and opens up opportunities in your major’s professional field. For example, a biology major could begin a career in bioinformatics. A political science major could become a leading pollster and political strategist. This minor expands your potential in your field of study.

Organizations across all industries are investing in analytics positions and the demand for data analytics professionals is growing. It’s predicted that demand for data science and analytics expertise will grow rapidly through the year 2020 and beyond. Students graduating with a data analytics minor position themselves to fill that knowledge gap in their chosen field by graduation.

According to a PwC report on the data science and analytics job market, as businesses hire to fill this demand, they will turn to their own ranks for the skills to meet their data needs. Holding a minor in Data Analytics indicates an interest in this growing field and offers potential for growth beyond getting your first job out of college.

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What you will learn

The Data Analytics minor is an 18-credit program for students who want to apply the principles of data analytics in their primary field of study. The Data Analytics minor is open to all non-iSchool major undergraduate students.


The 18 credits are distributed as follows:

  • 9 credits in Required Courses
    • 3 credits in IST 387 - Introduction to Applied Data Science
    • 3 credits in IST 414 - Data Driven Inquiry
    • 3 credits in IST 343 - Data in Society
  • 9 credits in Electives: select three courses from the following list of electives to complete the Minor in Data Analytics:
    • IST 256 - Application Programming for Information Systems
    • IST 359 - Introduction to Database Management Systems
    • IST 407 - Data Mining
    • IST 421 - Information Visualization
    • IST 449 - Human Computer Interaction
    • IST 486 - Social Media in the Organization

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How to Apply

The minor application form and instructions can be found on the Student Services webpage.
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