Is the iSchool the right place for you?

It is if you're looking for a college experience and academic environment where:

  • The school’s vision is vast—to expand human capabilities through information.
  • There is a small-school feel at a place that makes a big impression.
  • A collegial, open culture blends the traditional with lots that is entrepreneurial.
  • Faculty are leaders in their fields and innovators in their professions.
  • Professors have sky-high thinking with down-to-earth teaching styles.
  • Students and faculty learn from each other through leading-edge explorations.
  • Enthusiastic alumni actively help students network for internships and jobs.
  • Business and industry leaders are regularly involved and often on campus.
  • Imaginative community engagement programs take place locally and globally.
  • Faculty and staff look out for you, challenge you, and continually work to promote your academic and career success.
  • MS in Library and Information Science

    The Master of Science in Library and Information Science is a comprehensive, American Library Association-accredited, 36-credit degree program.

  • MS in Library and Information Science: School Media

    Focuses on teaching Library and Information Science (LIS) students the skills to instruct children in grades pre-K through 12 in all areas of literacy and technology fluency.

  • MS in Information Management

    The MS in Information Management (IM) from the iSchool uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning and understanding information technology.

  • MS in Information Management for Executives

    MS in Information Management degree at a reduced course load to students with six or more years of appropriate full-time, professional experience in the information management field.

  • MS in Applied Data Science

    The MS in Applied Data Science prepares students with the practical analytical and technical skills to apply analytical concepts to gain insight from small and large datasets.

  • MS In Enterprise Data Systems

    The MS in Enterprise Data Systems from the iSchool is designed for students who want to prepare professionally to design, support and optimize the infrastructure that supports the digital enterprise

  • CAS in Data Science

    Data Science focuses on teaching you specializations in data analytics, data storage and management, data visualization and general systems management.

  • CAS in e-Government Management and Leadership

    The CAS in e-Government gives those in managerial and leadership positions the knowledge and skills to lead the development and use of innovative applications of technology in government.

  • CAS in Information Security Management

    The CAS in Information Security Management offers coursework in information security technology, policy, risk management, and evaluation.

  • CAS in School Media

    The CAS in School Media is a 21-credit certificate program for those who already possess a master's degree in library and information science and want certification as school library media specialist

  • Faculty Research Interests

    Prospective PhD in Information Science and Technology students should explore the backgrounds of our faculty members to find a research fit.

  • PhD in Information Science and Technology

    Ph.D. in information science and technology is a research-based degree for those individuals interested in becoming researchers, professors, consultants, or more theoretically oriented positions