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The Helen Benning Regnier iSchool Graduate Seminars

The Helen Benning Regnier iSchool Graduate Seminars are on-campus events that allows on-campus and online students, iSchool alumni, and area practitioners to gather at the iSchool to take a deep dive into a subject area and learn from the iSchool's best teachers and professors. 

If you're an iSchool@Syracuse online student, attending one seminar fulfills your immersion requirement. 

Code of Conduct

These seminars are laptop-free events. Notebooks will be provided for note-taking.

Please be courteous and respectful toward your fellow attendees. This event is intended to provide a harassment-free conference experience for all, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, religion (or lack thereof) or different ability. We will not tolerate harassment of conference participants, speakers or facilitators in any form.

Please be aware of a 2-strike policy for violating the conduct policies above:

  • Strike 1: you will be handed a warning card by an event facilitator describing the policy you have violated.
  • Strike 2: after two violations of conduct policy, you will be asked to leave the event and will not receive credit for attending the event.

Full attendance of non-optional scheduled events is required for milestone credit towards graduation from the IM, LIS, and EDS academic programs.

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