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iSchool Seminars

The iSchool Seminar and Graduate Immersion Milestone is an on-campus event that allows on-campus and online students, iSchool alumni, and area practitioners to gather at the iSchool to take a deep dive into a subject area and learn from the iSchool's best teachers and professors. There are two iSchool seminars offered every academic year.

If you're an iSchool@Syracuse online student, the iSchool Seminar and Graduate Immersion Milestone fulfills your immersion requirement.


Fall 2017: You and the Internet of Things

Sept. 29-Oct. 1, Hinds Hall and Grant Auditorium, Syracuse University

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a still-emerging global phenomenon that has its roots in how technological innovation and convergence effects social structures at all levels. People and machines have become increasingly interconnected in all aspects of life and this has tremendous implications for how we work and play, as well as the quality and length of our lives.

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Digital Content, Discovery, and the iSchool

Hinds Hall, Syracuse University

One of the recognized strengths of SU’s iSchool is the research and teaching capabilities around the area of digital content and how this data and information are being used as strategic assets by organizations in the public and private sectors. Discovery is a closely related area that focuses on connecting users with the materials that they seek, locating content through a variety of different tools and techniques, and the developing practice area of e-discovery which is at the intersection of legal studies and the information sciences.