The iSchool is looking for new Peer Advisors, and you can be one of them! Why be a peer advisor you might ask? It’s one of the best opportunities in the iSchool! Peer Advisors have the great privilege to help welcome and guide new students into the iSchool. Peer Advisors help make everyone’s transition into the iSchool, whether they are a first year or a transfer, a great one! I’m happy to call myself a Peer Advisor and I spoke to my fellow PA’s, Sloan White and Oriana McDonough, about why you should apply to be one!

What is The Mission of Peer Advisors?

Sloan: We focus on building relationships and support networks within the iSchool so that every student, staff, or family coming to visit feels at home within our community. We empower and inspire those around us to be the best versions of themselves.

Oriana: The peer advisors goal is to highlight the positive attributes of the iSchool and assist others whether it be first year students, second year students, etc. Especially prospective students that are deciding to come to the iSchool or not.

What Should Someone Apply to be a Peer Advisor?

Sloan: Being a peer advisor is an incredible opportunity to give back to a community that gives us so much. Being someone that the faculty and staff go to for suggestions or students go to for help is such a rewarding responsibility. I found my family in the iSchool through peer advising, and you can too!

Oriana: I think others should sign up to be a peer advisor if they feel the same level of excitement and commitment to the iSchool for the educational knowledge and experiences as I did. You should want to show off your school and be willing to help others have a positive four years at Syracuse and in the iSchool.

Why Do Peer Advisors Matter?

Sloan: I get so many opportunities to meet people from all over. Prospective students, alumni, executives, and more. My network of connections has grown tremendously since I became a peer advisor. Getting to know people from all walks of life has helped me grow personally.

Oriana: I became a peer advisor because when I was a freshman. The peer advisors had such an impact on me with helping me transition to college, pick new classes, and feel at ease in the iSchool. I wanted to bring that same level of comfort and enjoyment when I am in the iSchool to other students by sharing my own experiences and hopefully helping others.

How Do I Become a Peer Advisor?

Sloan and Oriana have shared their amazing experiences of being a peer advisor. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Dual majors (Newhouse and Whitman) with the iSchool are encouraged to apply. Any year (freshman, sophomore, junior) is welcome as well. Are you ready to become a peer advisor? The application is open until Friday, March 1st, 2019! Got questions or comments about the peer advisors? Comment below!