#MyURBNSummer has come to an end. I presented and demoed my summer project to a room full of interns, engineers, designers, and executives and I received a lot of great feedback.

Although I was a bit nervous it was such a great opportunity to show off my completed work. I was so proud to present the effort and hard work I put into building a component library.

The week following my presentation I felt like a true part of my team. I picked up a few tickets that were apart of my team’s development process, aka sprint, which is a short iteration of time in a continuous development cycle.

Before departing, my last project was to update the header of Anthropologie’s website which I can’t wait to add to my portfolio.

Personal Development

I leave my internship at URBN wanting to know more.

Having strengthened my HTML and CSS/SCSS knowledge as well as my Command-Line and GitHub skills, I am ready to dive deeper while on my own time to challenge myself.

My goal for this semester is to build my own website to showcase my front end development capabilities. To do so, I will create a python server that will host my custom-built portfolio page. I also want to play around and learn a new Javascript framework or library, such as Vue and React.

Further, to follow through on the advice and tips my manager gave me, I also will contribute to open source projects. They are a great way to improve upon what I know while challenging me.

Back to ‘Cuse

In a few days, I am moving back to Syracuse to start my senior year. I am excited to get back to the iSchool to further some interests that I discovered this summer. I also look forward to meeting the freshman class and sharing my experiences to help them grow.

Last, I just returned from Peak 2 Peak, which is an iSchool immersion program, and my career path has completely changed. I thought I was going to be an East Coast gal, but I can’t wait to get back to the Pacific Northwest.