Cloud computing and IT systems administration are a core part of the way businesses are adapting and transforming to thrive in the modern economy.

Cloud-related skills have grown in importance in the last few years, and Gartner’s IT skills roadmap lists cloud architecture, cloud computing and related skills as rising in demand.[1] And that was before COVID-19.

Now, in the wake of a global recession, cloud computing and enterprise open source solutions are a core part of the way businesses are adapting and transforming to thrive in the future — and iSchool students are uniquely prepared to step into the roles that lead business transformation from day one.

Thanks to our long history of key partnerships in the industry, we can make sure that our graduates have the expertise in leading-edge technologies and platforms that these companies are looking for.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our new collaboration with Red Hat Academy, a specialized and uniquely hands-on curriculum from one of the world’s leading enterprise tech companies.

“The iSchool has had a long relationship with Red Hat,” said Professor Carlos Enrique Caicedo Bastidas. “It just made sense to take the extra step and join the Red Hat Academy program.”

Joining Red Hat Academy gives the iSchool access to innovative course material, hands-on labs and opportunities for real world application in the areas of enterprise technology and cloud computing.

With a curriculum designed to help the iSchool prepare students for tech-driven jobs in business, Red Hat Academy helps students gain deep expertise in critical software that over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use. As a result, our graduates enter the workforce with one of the most in-demand skill sets in the modern economy.

“We’re ahead of the curve in understanding how technology impacts the enterprise, so we want to leverage all of the Red Hat curriculum,” said Bastidas.

With 90% of companies reporting skill shortages in cloud-related technologies[2], our graduates are prepared to meet industry demand, start with top-paying salaries and accelerate quickly throughout their careers.

In a time when so much of the world is both uncertain and insecure, the iSchool’s relationship with Red Hat Academy helps us turn our students into elite, confident, work-ready graduates.

[1] IT Skills Roadmap, Gartner Research, 2019, 2020

[2] “The 451 Take on cloud-native: truly transformative for enterprise IT”, 451 Research, 2019