iSchool faculty are leading conversations in the information field across the globe. They publish, present, and contribute their expertise in myriad way throughout the year. See where our faculty have been active this spring:

Carlos Caicedo had a conference paper and presentation accepted for the IEEE/AIAA Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference, 2022. Chen Luo, Rui Zuo, M. Cenk Gursoy, Carlos Caicedo, Adrian Solomon (Thales Digital Aviation), Qinru Qiu, “An Integrated Simulation Platform for the Analysis of UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Operations Supported by 4G/5G Communications in Urban and Rural Environments”.

Additionally, as part of the grant-supported activities of the “Vacant Property Monitoring Project” between CENT, City of Syracuse and Chimera L.L.C, two LoRaWAN antenna and gateways are now fully operational which will support the transmission of data from sensors that will be deployed as part of the project in vacant properties located in Syracuse.

Caicedo also started a new collaboration with Civil Engineering’s Assistant Professor Liz Carter. Where CENT’s LoRaWAN and IoT infrastructure will be leveraged to develop new/innovative flood monitoring approaches.

He is also collaborating with researchers from Rutgers, Columbia and NYU that lead one of the US platforms for advanced wireless research (PAWR) called COSMOS (Cloud Enhanced Open Software Defined Mobile Wireless Testbed for City-Scale Deployment).

EunJeong Cheon published with Eike Schneiders, Mikael B. Skov: “Working with Bounded Collaboration: A Qualitative Study on How Collaboration is Co-Constructed around Collaborative Robots in Industry” (2022) Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI). The ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW’22).

Kevin Crowston was on the team that published “Examining Open Innovation in Science (OIS): What Open Innovation can and cannot offer the science of science. Innovation: Organization & Management” Beck, S., LaFlamme, M., Bergenholtz, C., Bogers, M., Brasseur, T. M., Conradsen, M. L., Crowston, K., Di Marco, D., Effert, A., Filiou, D., Frederiksen, L., Gillier, T., Gruber, M., Haeussler, C., Hoisl, K., Kokshagina, O., Norn, M. T., Poetz, M. K., Pruschak, G., Pujol Priego, L., Radziwon, A., Ruser, A., Sauermann, H., Shah, S. K., Suess-Reyes, J., Tucci, C. L., Tuertscher, P., Vedel, J. B., Verganti, R., Wareham, J., Xu, S. M. (In press).  DOI: 10.1080/14479338.2021.1999248

Sevgi Erdogan had an article in press (and presented as poster also) at the 101st Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), January 9-13, 2022. Patrick DeCorla-Souza, Sara Zahedian, Amir Nohekhan, Mohammad M. Nejad, Sevgi Erdogan, An Exploratory Evaluation of Incentives to Increase High-Occupancy Vehicle Use on Priced Highway Facilities, Transportation Research Record, (forthcoming)

Conference paper presented as poster at the 101st TRB: Zhenpeng Zou, Alibi Shokputov, Sevgi Erdogan, Commuting Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Maryland, Conference Paper, 101st Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board

Invited (and accepted) to be part of the Technical Program Committee as Associate Editor for the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Conference 2022

Invited (and accepted) to be peer proposal reviewer for NYU C2SMART University Transportation Center

Michael Fudge was featured on FM 106.9 to discuss Data Privacy Day and ways you can keep your information safe online.

Jeff Hemsley

  • Qin, J., Hemsley, J., Bratt, S. Forthcoming. The Structural Shift and Collaboration Capacity in GenBank Networks: A Longitudinal Study. Quantitative Science Studies.
  • Yoon, N., Hemsley, J., Simpson, E., Smith, A., Eakins, J. Forthcoming. Super-Amplifiers! The Role of Twitter Extended Party Networks in Political Elections. Policy and Internet.
  • Smith, A.O., Hemsley, J. 2021. Memetics as informational difference: offering an information-centric conception of memes. Journal of Documentation.
  • Stromer-Galley, J. Rossini, P., Hemsley, J. Bolden, S., McKernan, B. 2021. Political Messaging Over Time: A Comparison of U. S. Presidential Candidate Facebook Posts and Tweets in 2016 and 2020. Social Media + Society. 7.4. 20563051211063465

A few invited talks or panels:

  • Hemsley, J., Kiley, J., Sang, Y., Stanton, J. 2022. Languages, Packages and Tools: Data Visualization for Research with R and Python. Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) 2/4/2022.
  • Hemsley, J., 2022, Going Viral: The Role of Twitter Extended Party Networks in Political Elections. New Canaan Library, New Canaan, CT. Tuesday, January 11th.

Some local funding:

  • Rebecca Kelly (PI), Jeff Hemsley. 2021. Democratizing Design: A study of online learning communities and their impact on design education and industry. Syracuse Visual and Performing Arts Creative and Research Grant. $4,995.

Lee McKnight had a variety of speaking opportunities, including:

Nov. 2: Invited Presentation, Superintendent of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications Infrastructure, Government of Guatemala ‘Syracuse University – Internet Society Foundation Democratizing Internet Access Project for COVID19 Emergency’

Dec. 3: Invited Lecture, ‘Strategies to Reduce the Digital Divide,’ Humphrey Fellows Digital Transformation Task Force

Dec. 13: Angela Rieks and Lee, “Education Partnerships for Digital Governance in Future Governments,” presented at Digital Governance in Future Governments Conference, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Jan. 12: Invited Talk, ‘Syracuse University – Inter-American Development Bank Internet Backpack Projects Meeting’

Jan. 13: Invited Talk, ‘Syracuse University – Republic of Honduras Transition Team Internet Backpack Project(s) Meeting’

Jan. 20: Invited Talk, ‘Syracuse University-IDB-Internet Society Foundation-Help.NGO Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships Meeting’

Jian Qin celebrated the publication of her Metadata book, 3rd edition.

Additionally, the milestone paper for the GenBank metadata analytics project (2013-present) has been accepted by Quantitative Science Study, an open access journal published by MIT Press after two rounds of revisions. Qin, J., Hemsley, J., & Bratt, S. (2022). The structural shift and collaboration capacity in GenBank networks: A longitudinal study. Quantitative Science Study. (forthcoming)

Steven Sawyer had a piece of an ongoing panel study has been accepted: Munoz, I., Dunn, M. and Sawyer, S. (2022) “Platform-mediated Markets, Online Freelance Workers and Deconstructed Identities,” Proceedings of the ACM on Human Computer Interaction, forthcoming. He also published “The Intellectual Geography Connecting Information Science and Information Systems” ASIST Asia-Pacific Chapter, 18 January, online.

Jeff Stanton and Jeff Hemsley

NSF just signaled that they intend to support a research experiences for undergraduates site at the Center for Computational and Data Science, entitled “REU Site: Broadening Access to Text Analytics for Social Scientists”. This project, which also includes nine other iSchool faculty members as senior personnel, will bring three cohorts of 12 students each to the iSchool for a series of summer workshops on text analysis and natural language processing.

Megan Oakleaf completed her work as a subject expert on the D-CRAFT (Digital Content Reuse Assessment Framework Toolkit) grant. She also got a presentation titled “Design for Engagement, Inclusion, and Impact: Data Literacy Lesson Planning to Make a Difference” accepted at the Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Summit in March. Also was invited to do a follow up to last fall’s presentation for the ACRL University Library Services Professional Development Webcast series.

Lu Xiao

Kwak, J., Xie, B., Xiao, L., Tang, A., Lahiri, S., Flynn, O. A., Murugadass, A. (under review). Health Information Wants of Caregivers for Persons with Dementia through Reddit . This is a collaboration effort with researchers at University of Texas at Austin.

Xiao, L., Burke, S. (under review). Persuading Others in Different Communication Media: Appeals to Logic, Authority, and Emotion.


Wu, Q.Y., Xiao, L., Soundarajan, S., & Li, J. F. (2022). Language Use and Susceptibility in Online Conversation, 2022 Computing Conference (July 14 – 15, London, UK), to appear.

Xiao, L., Mensah, H. (2022). How does the Thread Level of a Comment affect its Perceived Persuasiveness? A Reddit Study, 2022 Computing Conference (July 14 – 15, London, UK), to appear