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Matthew Koll

Matthew Koll is an entrepreneur and information scientist with more than 30 years of experience in search, social media, and related fields. He is president and co-founder of 410 Labs, the developers of a suite of information and communication products including Replyz, Shortmail and Mailstrom. Dr. Koll is also chairman of the Wondir Foundation.

Founded 2001 by Dr. Koll and acquired by Revolution Health 2005, Wondir Inc. helped define the field of live Q&A, combining search, instant messaging, and profiling to connect people quickly and easily with other people who could answer their questions or provide assistance. From 2005 to 2008, he served in several executive positions at Revolution Health, providing leadership in search and community, acquisition marketing, and product and technology.

Dr. Koll was a founder and CEO of Personal Library Software (founded 1983, acquired by America Online in 1998). PLS took advanced search concepts from the research community and brought them to the publishing and enterprise search engine marketplaces. The PLS software was highly regarded for its natural language searching, concept searching, scalability, and robustness. Following the acquisition, Dr. Koll was an AOL Fellow, providing guidance on search, navigation, emerging technologies, market analysis, and investments.

Prior to founding PLS, Dr. Koll was a professor at George Mason University and computer scientist at the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST). He holds a Ph.D. in Information Transfer from Syracuse University and a BA in history from Rutgers University. Dr. Koll is active in several Washington, D.C., area angel investment groups and in programs to help entrepreneurs. He has been a member of the iSchool Board since June 2002.

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