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The research here at the iSchool is characterized by our diverse interests in information, its uses by people, and the increasing opportunities and issues provided by digital and computational resources. The researchers here at the iSchool are trained in a range of disciplines and pursue independent and collaborative work with colleagues across campus and across the world.

You will read about research projects that advance and contribute to scholarship and impact the world relative to communications, computer science, cybersecurity, data science, economics, education, information science, linguistics, library science, management, organizational studies, networking, political science, psychology, information policy, public administration, sociotechnical studies, and telecommunications.

Because the school is a faculty of one, with no departments, cross-fertilization of ideas happens readily as faculty interact both formally and informally, in school functions, in planning discussions, in labs and centers, and in every space of the iSchool.

Each year, faculty in the iSchool are awarded millions of dollars in sponsored research for projects that train the future workforce, extend our knowledge, and impact the world. Funders that have supported faculty research here include the National Science Foundation, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, Google, IARPA, Knight Foundation, Sloan Foundation, US Department of Education, and the Keck Foundation, and many other sources.

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