Libraries have long played a quiet but critical role in our communities, offering equitable access to vital information and technology resources, and ensuring those who need support have the assistance they need. 

As the economy continues to falter and the global pandemic continues to force school closures and layoffs, libraries have become even more crucial and their role within their communities more visible. Many are turning to their local library to help them write resumes, apply for new jobs, file unemployment paperwork, access remote classes, and more. 

As one of the country’s leading Library and Information Science programs, we’ve seen firsthand the impact libraries and librarians have on their communities every day. The difference they make is felt across racial and economic divides, from toddlers to the elderly, and from busy city streets to small rural towns. 

That’s why in this time of crisis, we feel we must do all we can to ensure that all communities have libraries and librarians they can depend on, and equal access to the information and tools people need to thrive in our digital era. 

To meet this goal, we’re making two critical changes to our master’s degree program in Library and Information Science. 

First, we’re dedicating our program to the pursuit of equity and justice, focusing our studies on information literacy, community engagement, technology use, and leadership, with the goal to change how communities and organizations use libraries and information resources for the better. 

Second, we are investing in making our program more affordable for those seeking to answer the call and work in this challenging and rewarding field. As of Fall 2020, we are now offering 30% off our tuition for all graduate students entering our Library and Information Science program. 

In addition, we will continue to offer generous financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants to qualified students, and will work with each student to help make our program as affordable as possible.

Our hope is that by focusing on the needs of all communities, and making our program more accessible to all learners, we can help to foster positive change across our nation and the globe. 

If you’d like to learn more about our program, or to find out how to apply, please visit our website