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Yaxing Yao

Yaxing Yao

PhD Candidate

337 Hinds Hall

I’m Yaxing, I’m now a fifth year PhD candidate in the School of Information studies at Syracuse University. I identify myself as an HCI and usable privacy researcher. My research has been focusing on understanding how people use technologies especially in the context of online privacy and the Internet of Things privacy, their mental models and behaivors, what privacy implications do they have, then design and build systems to protect people’s privacy. In term of methods, I use both quantitative and qualitative methods, such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc., and system-oriented research method, such as lab study, usability test, etc. Recently I started to introduce two new perspectives in the traditional privacy research, first is the multi-stakeholder perspective, i.e., technology should consider the privacy of not only the users but also other stakeholders, such as the bystanders. Second is the design perspective. Drawing methodology from the design research, such as participatory design, specutaltive design, design fiction, etc., I aim to explore beyond individual users and look at, for example, how privacy mechanisms bring the technological, legal, and economic implications. 


Teaching History - 2019-2020
Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2020 IST349 M001 Human Comp. Interaction
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