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Radhika Garg

Radhika Garg

Assistant Professor

330 Hinds Hall | Phone: (315)-443-5610


Dr. Garg earned her PhD (2017) and MS (2013) in Computer Science from University of Zurich's Department of Informatics in Switzerland. She was affiliated to Communications Systems Group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller. Her research has been previously funded under the EU FP7 Program - FLAMINGO, Network of Excellence. 


I am majorly interested to understand decisions users take while using emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and how do these decisions vary amongst different categories of users and organizations. Specifically, I aim to apply quantitative methods to categorize users based on their preferences and decisions. During my PhD I developed a trade-off-based decision methodology for adopting Cloud-based Services in an organization. I use variety of research methods derived from following sub-disciplines of computer science:

  • human-computer interaction for understanding behavior and preferences of the adopters, and
  • computational techniques for large scale data analysis to identify clusters of users and their decisions. 

Few specific research questions that I am currently interested to explore in this regard are :

  1. How does the rationale and justifications (factors and their relevance) of users using a technology vary amongst different categories of users (differentiated by socioeconomic status, age, education, or development status of country of residence)? 
  2. How does regulatory patchwork in multiple jurisdictions for data protection affect privacy compliance by organizations with respect to emerging technologies?

I am interested to perform this research from the perspectives of 1) end users, 2) organizations, and 3) regulatory bodies. Please feel free to stop by my office to chat about these areas if you are interested. I am always looking for students to work in these areas.


Currently I am teaching Cloud Management wherein I address the relevant concerns of the Cloud ecosystem from both technical and business theoretical perspectives


I am an avid book reader and a travel enthusiast. I love meeting people for having interesting social discussions. I practice meditation and mindfulness as a way of living.


Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2018 IST600 M001 Cloud Management
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2017 IST600 M001 Cloud Management
Spring 2018 IST400 M001 Intro to Cloud Technologies
Spring 2018 IST600 M004 Intro to Cloud Technologies
Spring 2018 IST615 M001 Cloud Management