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Patricia A Vargas Leon

Patricia A Vargas Leon

PhD Candidate

337 Hinds Hall | Phone: (315) 443-5509


Patricia defended her doctoral dissertation in April 2018 and is currently a visiting fellow in the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Her research and teaching interests focus on information policies and Internet governance with an emphasis on issues such as national security, control over the Internet infrastructure and network neutrality. Her doctoral dissertation explores governments’ attempts to "shut down" the Internet (a.k.a. Internet kill switch) in democratic and hybrid regimes. Patricia is also working to identify government practices to regulate global resources beyond their jurisdiction, by drawing a comparison between the cyberspace and the current international regulation of ocean. This research focuses on government attempts to control the Internet root zone and the role of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Patricia was a consultant for the United Nations' Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea (DOALOS). She holds a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú, and she also holds an MS from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Patricia specializes in international law and law of the sea and practiced law in the public and private sector. Her legal research also analyses controversies related to sea boundary delimitations and Internet fragmentation. Her legal thesis looked at a case recently solved by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) involving a boundary dispute between Perú and Chile, in South America.


Teaching History - 2014-2015
Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2015 IST618 M801 Information Policy
Summer 2015 IST618 M802 Information Policy
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