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Mahboobeh Harandi

Mahboobeh Harandi

PhD Student


Mahboobeh Harandi is a Ph.D. student in the School of Information Studies (iSchool) at Syracuse University and her advisor is Professor Crowston

Over the past two years, she has been studying and analyzing user-generated content on different online communities as follows:

  •  Gravity Spy to understand volunteers' motivations and learning process
  •  Wikipedia to specify leadership behaviors among editors 
  •  Facebook posts of presidential candidates (Illuminating 2016) to analyze the sentiment of their messages
  •  Yahoo Answers to understand how patients describe their pain

She has applied techniques such as NLP, Machine Learning, statistics, interviews, focus groups to analyze or model the data.

She got her MSc in information systems from Norwegian University of Science and Technology where she was involved in the SmartMedia program and specialized in machine learning techniques and sentiment analysis over news articles. She did her MSc thesis at iSchool, Syracuse Universit and developed sentiment analysis of news articles in a news recommender system and analyzed user behaviors interacting with a prototype application. 


Mabi is interested in studying human behaviors through analyzing their interactions within an online platform (i.e. an online community, an information system) and how their requirements can be supported by improving functionalities or interface designs.

Currently, she is studying human-machine teams. Understanding which aspects of team activities can be delegated to an intelligent agent (i.e. a chatbot) and consequently can benefit the team is the focus of her studies.


Mabi likes reading and writing, dancing, walking, swimming, and cooking.

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