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Mahboobeh Harandi

Mahboobeh Harandi

PhD Student


Mahboobeh Harandi is a Ph.D. candidate in Information Science and Technology. Her high-level research goal is empowering collective intelligence in consensus decision making through artificial intelligence (AI) based socio-technical systems. She has been involved in various projects over the past three years such as follows:

  •  Gravity Spy, a Citizen Science project, to understand volunteers' motivations, language evolutions, and learning process
  •  Analyzing publications patterns among junior and senior faculty members funded by the National Science Foundation
  •  Studying leadership behaviors among Wikipedia editors using shared team leadership perspective, The Hill model  
  •  Sentiment Analysis of presidential candidates posts on Facebook and tweets, Illuminating 2016
  •  Language analysis of individuals on Yahoo Answers to identify the ontology of certain pains

Her research methodologies include system design, ethnomethodology, and experiments. She has applied mixed methods including techniques such as interviews, focus groups, document analysis to collect data using various statistical tests to analyze the data.

She did her Master in Information Systems Engineering at the NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) and was involved in the SmartMedia program. She studied user profiling techniques in news recommender systems and ran a use-case study to understand how access to sentiment analysis of politicians’ quotes change user experiences. She was a software developer in Iran for a few years and did her Undergrad in Software Engineering at the University of Science and Culture (Tehran, Iran).   


Publications are available on Google Scholar.

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