Elizabeth D. Liddy

Elizabeth D. Liddy

Dean, Trustee Professor

343 Hinds Hall | Phone: (315) 443-2736



Elizabeth D. Liddy is Syracuse University’s Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost. She was appointed to the position in January, 2015 by Chancellor Kent Syverud, and serves as the University’s chief academic officer. As Vice Chancellor and Provost, Liddy is responsible for the academic mission of the University, and is leading the strategic academic plan portion of the Chancellor’s Fast Forward Syracuse University-wide initiative. Prior to her appointment as Vice Chancellor and Provost she spent 25 years as a faculty member, researcher, and Dean at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool).

In 1994, Liddy founded and led a software startup company, TextWise, and as CEO grew it to 50 employees, winning the prestigious National Tibbetts Award from U.S. Small Business Administration. In 1999, she was named Founding Director of the iSchool’s Center for Natural Language Processing, which advances the development of human-like language understanding software capabilities for government, commercial, and consumer applications. The holder of eight software patents, Liddy has led 70 research projects, authored more than 110 research papers and given hundreds of conference presentations on her work. The recipient of several high-profile awards, she received the Outstanding Alumni Award from Syracuse University in 2000.

Liddy was named interim dean of the iSchool in June, 2007, and appointed full-time dean in February, 2008. She held the position of dean until being named Vice Chancellor and Provost. As dean, Liddy presided over the iSchool during a period of tremendous growth for the school, including the addition of New York State’s first graduate certificate program in data science. Professionally, Liddy has been elected chair of the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group of Information Retrieval (ACM-SIGIR), is a member of Beta Phi Mu, the library and information studies honor society, and Sigma Xi, the international honor society of scientific and engineering research. Liddy was Chair of the iSchools Caucus from 2012 to 2014, an organization that includes over 50 information schools around the globe.

At Syracuse, Liddy has taught graduate courses in Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Data Mining. Liddy was the founding Faculty Advisor of Women in Information Technology (WIT), a student group that supports and mentors female IT students, and is an active member of NCWIT, the National Center for Women in Information Technology. Liddy is actively involved in the Syracuse community. She is currently serving on the board of the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College, and was previously a member of the board of the Crouse Health Foundation. She holds a BA in English from Daemen College, and an MS in Library Science and a Ph.D. in Information Transfer from the Syracuse University iSchool.


natural language processing, information retrieval, data mining


Liddys main academic focus is natural language processing (NLP), an area of research in which she has been active since her dissertation research that culminated in her award-winning dissertation in 1988, one of the first to prove the utility of NLP for information science. Since then, she has led 65 research projects, all based on the use of NLP for improved information access and analytics. Her research has been funded by a wide range of government agencies as well as commercial enterprises.

She has developed advanced system capabilities for information extraction, information retrieval, data-mining, question-answering, document summarization, cross-language retrieval, web-based retrieval, text-mining and automatic metadata generation. Liddy is the co-inventor on eight patents dealing with NLP and has authored more than 110 research papers and given hundreds of conference presentations on her work.


I enjoy being outdoors, especially kayaking, biking, hiking and cross-country skiing.


Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2006 IST810 M006 Practicum in Research
Fall 2006 IST840 M006 Practicum in Teaching
Spring 2007 IST810 M015 Practicum in Research
Spring 2007 IST840 M014 Practicum in Teaching
Spring 2007 IST664 M001 Natural Language Processing
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2005 IST810 M006 Practicum in Research
Fall 2005 IST840 M006 Practicum in Teaching
Fall 2005 IST800 M001 Seminar in Behavioral Sciences
Spring 2006 IST810 M006 Practicum in Research
Spring 2006 IST840 M006 Practicum in Teaching
Spring 2006 IST657 M001 Basics of Info Retrieval Syst
Summer 2006 IST810 M004 Practicum in Research
Semester Course Section Title
Summer 2005 IST810 M004 Practicum in Research