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Lee H Badman

Lee H Badman


206 Machinery Hall | Phone: 3003


About Lee Badman

Lee Badman has been a technologist most of his life. Always interested in communications and electronics, he spent 10 years in the United States Air Force in the Electronic Warfare career field, and is an Extra Class amateur radio operator. Among his favorite activities in this area is building and testing all manner of antennas, for both receive and transmit. As an IT professional in higher education, Lee has been at Syracuse University since 1998, employed in a number of different network-related positions. From designing and bringing up new network segments to writing policy to hiring staff, there is very little regarding the SU network that he has not been involved with.

Since 2002, Lee has been the architect for the wireless network environment that we know as AirOrangeX- growing and managing the campus wireless environment from just a few access points years ago to over 4,300 currently, and providing strategic and technical vision for all things wireless at SU's main campus and centers in New York City, DC, Florence, and London. Lee has also designed a number of point-to-point wireless bridging solutions for campus, and has experience in solving in-building cellular signal problems.

Fate has frequently provided Lee with the gift of travel throughout his career. He has lived and worked in Mississippi, New Mexico, Alaska, and the Philippines, and has done temporary professional stays in Haiti, Italy, England, Korea, Japan, Arizona, and Idaho. In 2011 alone, Lee traveled on behalf of SU to London, Florence, and Port-Au-Prince (Haiti) to either set up new networks or to gather information for future networking endeavors for SU Abroad.

As an educator, Lee has been federally certified as an Occupational Instructor, and has done thousands of hours of curriculum development and classroom teaching for the Air Force, locally in Central New York at BOCES, and for Syracuse University. He has taught a variety of avionics and electronics classes, wireless networking administration and security (CWNA and CWSP), and Introduction to Networking and the TNM Capstone course for the iSchool.

As a professional freelance writer, Lee has done hundreds of product reviews and columns on IT and amateur radio, and has contributed to multiple textbooks and technical reference books. He has regularly written for periodicals including the Syracuse Post-Standard, Cabling Business Magazine, and Network Computing Magazine where he currently serves as Wireless and Mobility Blogger. His work is also found on the IT Toolbox website, and on his own blog ( In 2017, Lee edited the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) Study Guide CWAP-402, and either composed, or been mentioned in multiple Forwards in other wireless reference texts.

When he's not engaged in geeky stuff, Lee can often be seen zipping around campus or Central New York on a bicycle, kayaking or boating with his wife on Cross Lake. He has two sons in physics PhD programs (Cornell and Washington State), and a daughter finishing a Homeland Security degree. 


Lee focuses on wireless technologies, but also architects wired networks and advises on topics ranging from security to policy. He is involved with IT in many directions at Syracuse University, and is always looking for a better way, and at what comes next.

Beyond his campus duties, Lee is president of his own consulting company, Wirednot, LLC. He has also contributed content to and edited a number of texts, including the CWAP-402 Study Guide. He is a Certified Wireless Network Expert (#200) and serves on the CWNE Advisory Board for CWNP.


Lee stays current on technology trends in a variety of ways, and has helped companies including Cisco, Bluesocket, Meraki, Nyansa, and Ubiquiti develop feature sets and system UI capabilities based on his real-world experience and abilities to quantify what works and what doesn't at many levels. He's active in the Wireless Field Day Community, and many of his ideas and perspectives have been turned into wireless product set features.


Lee is a federally certified Occupational Instructor, was a Master Technical Training Instructor in the US Air Force, and has developed curriculum and taught locally for BOCES, Syracuse University's CBIT, and the iSchool. Courses taught include: Basic Electronics, Electronic Warfare systems, Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA), Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP), Introduction to Computer Networks (IST 233), TNM Capstone (IST 754) and others.


Teaching History - 2017-2018
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2017 IST754 M800 Telecom Final Project
Fall 2017 IST448 M001 Enterprise Wireless Network
Teaching History - 2016-2017
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2016 IST754 M800 Telecom Final Project
Spring 2017 IST754 M001 Telecom Final Project
Teaching History - 2015-2016
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2015 IST754 M800 Telecom Final Project
Spring 2016 IST754 M001 Telecom Final Project
Teaching History - 2012-2013
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2012 IST233 M006 Intro to Computer Networking
Teaching History - 2011-2012
Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2012 IST233 M007 Intro to Computer Networking
Teaching History - 2010-2011
Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2011 IST233 M007 Intro to Computer Networking
Teaching History - 2009-2010
Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2010 IST233 M007 Intro to Computer Networking
Teaching History - 2007-2008
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2007 IST500 M004 CWNA Wireless
Teaching History - 2006-2007
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2006 IST500 M003 CWNA
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