Jerry Lamont Robinson

Jerry Lamont Robinson

PhD Candidate

221 Hinds Hall | Phone: (315) 443-5509


Jerry is a doctoral candidate and 2012 graduate of the iSchool's Information Management Master's program. Jerry earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration from Morehouse College in 2004. After finishing his undergraduate studies he spent five years working as a human resources information officer at JPMorgan Chase. In this role he prepared various compensation reports, analyses, tools, and training materials for a globally dispersed team of human resource professionals supporting senior managers in a 30,000+ employee business unit.


Jerry's research interests initially stemmed from his own experiences as an individual with a disability (cerebral palsy). He explores the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) practices of individuals with disabilities. More specifically, he seeks to unpack the how and why behind the artifact modification and development practices of individuals with dexterity and mobility impairments. His research is meant to shed light on: 1. the contextualized nature of artifact utilization by individuals with disabilities; 2. the capabilities and agency that individuals with disabilities exhibit when utilizing assistive technologies and other design artifacts; and 3. the factors that motivate, facilitate, and/or impede the do-it-yourself behaviors of individuals with disabilities.



Investing/personal finance


Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2016 IST614 M001 Mngmt Prncpls for Info Profess