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John  Sheridan

John Sheridan


| Phone: 620 757 6081


John Sheridan brings an abundance of considered practice to the iSchool. He has worked as a librarian on three continents and in seven states. His eclectic teaching experience runs a gamut  from Introduction to Cataloging to Elementary Sanskrit, from Foundations of Non-violence to University 101 - Introduction to College Life to Post-Soviet Librarianship (with two weeks of residence in Ukraine) and others. He has directed libraries in universities and liberal arts colleges. John has had leadership roles in library organizations at the state, regional and national levels.

The Making of a Library: the academic library in transition by late iSchool Dean Robert Taylor was the most seminal work in John's thinking about information, libraries and change.



I grew up in New York City and did graduate work in IN and WI. I worked in NE, IL, KY, CO, WV and KS. I also worked in Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.

My wife, Joan, and I live in Salina with Joan's mother. Our children are in Brooklyn, Memphis and Berkeley. Grandchildren with the Tennessee and California contingents.

I climbed 7 of Colorado's 14,000 ft.+ mountains and look forward to the Adirondacks.


I have been active at all levels of professional associations.

In particular, within the American Library Association I served on Council, as Coordinator of the Social Responsibilities Round Table and on the Board of Directors of the Association of College and Research Libraries.

I was a member of the Executive Committee of the Bibliographic Center for the Rockies (BCR) and was President-elect of the Illinois OCLC Users' Group, among others.



For many years I have focused on action-research -

  • I have calculated losses from papyrus to codex, from codex to book and speculate about the loss from book to digital. This has led me into reviewing how much of the cultural record has bee destroyed in international conflicts.
  • I am interested in the dearth of replications in library research. I believe we can develop a system whereby master's students replicate a Ph.D. study - perhaps in part - and librarians and staff in the field could be recruited for appropriate parts of the research enterprise, such as collection and input.
  • I am working on a conceptualization of libraries/information centers as THE go-to place for metacognition/life-long learning/curiosity. I I believe our work has included this for the length of our history. The critical thinking piece, which we have emphasized more of late, seems to be an excellent remedy for the fake news of today.
  • I do some reading in neuroscience with an eye (pun intended) toward findings on any different effects of direct light and indirect light on learning.
  • I scan for new management/leadership approaches. I believe it is beneficial to know about many in order to consider them for particular situations that arise.


I have taught:

  • Latin
  • Organization of Media Materials
  • Lots of information literacy under various guises and with a variety of names
  • Sanskrit
  • Foundations of Nonviolence
  • Idea of a Liberal Education
  • Greek
  • University 101
  • Post-Soviet Librarianship (including  two-weeks of travel in Ukraine)


Teaching History - 2017-2018
Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2018 IST717 M001 Adv Library Management
Teaching History - 2016-2017
Semester Course Section Title
Spring 2017 IST717 M001 Adv Library Management
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