Feifei Zhang

Feifei Zhang

PhD Candidate

337 Hinds Hall




Broadly speaking, Feifei Zhang is interested in studying users’ behaviors, mining user-generated content and exploring patterns of social interaction in social media by using mixed research methods, including text mining, machine learning, content analysis, survey and interview. More specifically, her research focuses on how organizations use mediating technologies to interact with external stakeholders. She is interested in message flow and patterns of interaction between organizations and stakeholders in the social media context; effect of social media technology and design on facilitating and shaping communications between organizations and stakeholders; and how the interaction between operators, users, technology and content develops the culture of social media as well as how the culture of social media influences social media use. The communities she is currently focusing on are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Sina Weibo and Wechat.


IST 736 - Spring 2015 -Text Mining - Teaching Assistant

IST 565 - Fall 2014 - Data Mining - Teaching Assistant

IST 449 - Spring 2014 - Human-Computer Interaction - Teaching Assistant

IST 700 - Fall 2013 - IT Project Stakeholder Management - Teaching Assistant


Feifei likes photography, travelling and spicy food. 


Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2015 IST486 M002 Social Media in the Enterprise
Spring 2016 IST486 M002 Social Media in the Enterprise