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Feifei Zhang

Feifei Zhang

PhD Candidate

221 Hinds Hall


Feifei Zhang is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, International Communication Association, the National Communication Association, and the World Association for Public Opinion Research.


Feifei Zhang's research interest is to investigate human beings’ use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and their influence in facilitating and shaping people’s behaviors, especially in interpersonal and political contexts. Her first goal is to test whether new theories can be developed or existing relevant theories can evolve to explain new phenomena in the digitally mediated communication environment. Her second goal is to explore how theories can help design new technologies and features to improve social interaction, enable collaboration, enhance individuals' life satisfaction, and facilitate political participation and civic engagement. 

Feifei Zhang uses mixed research methods to collect, mine and analyze both online and offline data, primarily quantitative research methods and computational approaches, including content analysis, survey, text mining, natural language process and machine learning.


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IST 486 - Spring 2016 - Social Media in the Enterprise - Instructor

IST 486 - Fall 2015 - Social Media in the Enterprise - Instructor

IST 736 - Spring 2015 - Text Mining - Teaching Assistant

IST 565 - Fall 2014 - Data Mining - Teaching Assistant

IST 449 - Spring 2014 - Human-Computer Interaction - Teaching Assistant

IST 700 - Fall 2013 - IT Project Stakeholder Management - Teaching Assistant


Teaching History - 2015-2016
Semester Course Section Title
Fall 2015 IST486 M002 Social Media in the Enterprise
Spring 2016 IST486 M002 Social Media in the Enterprise
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