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Alexander Owen Smith

Alexander Owen Smith

PhD Student


Originally, Alexander is from Carrollton, Georgia. He completed two years of an architectural program at Southern Polytechnic State University, then completed a bachelors in Economics at University of West Georgia in 2013. In 2017, he completed an MA in Economics at Georgia State working under Dr. Paula Stephan. Additionally, he completed three years of mathematics courses.

Alexander is a first year PhD student of Information Science and Technology in the iSchool developing skills in scientometrics, information theory, and data science.


In combining methods and theories from philosophy of science, social sciences of science, network science, and complex systems, my primary interest is to describe academia as a general social structure of information organization. With this structure, I plan to find descriptions of where and when epistemic beliefs occur, what social and economic purposes they serve, and what limitations they create.

Additionally, I have interests in understanding the informational relationship between technological innovation and scientific discovery, limitations of language as a specifiable tool of science, and culture formation in virtual spaces.


Alexander spends free time reading about miscellaneous subjects, writing, playing chess, playing guitar badly, and listening to music.
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