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Alexander is a second year PhD student of Information Science and Technology in the iSchool. He completed a BS in Economics at University of West Georgia in 2013. In 2017, he completed a thesis track MA in Economics at Georgia State under Dr. Paula Stephan while also completing three years of mathematics courses.Presently he his working under Dr. Jeff Hemsley on the STACKS project with BITS Lab, and he is working with Dr. Daniel Acuna on computational Science of Science projects.


Coming from a MA in Economics, Alexander began his interests in Philosophy, Economics, and Science of Science research. He has since been developing theoretical interests in knowledge and truth for individuals embedded in particular societies. Broadly he is interested in research related to how the phenomena of truth and knowledge progression play a part for actors in society. Alexander calls this area "Science of Knowledge" which finds its intellectual space somewhere between Science of Science, Sociology of Science, Economics of Information, and Social and Information Network Science.Platforms of this phenomena are found broadly in academia, religion, as well as social and virtual media. However, as a gap in literature, Alexander finds fascination in following a documented medium and their evolution as information as they percolate through affiliated knowledge specialized societies. Examples of these kinds of documented media could be academic literature, religious texts, videos, images, or memes.

Alexander's long term pursuit is to find a more unified vision or theory of analyzing and understanding truth-interested information.

Presently, he is developing skills in computational methodologies including text mining, machine learning, and natural language processing, as well as social network analysis. He also is leveraging his prior econometric experience with regression analysis.


Alexander spends free time reading about miscellaneous subjects, writing, playing chess, playing guitar badly, and listening to music. He prefers to read broadly in economics, politics, online and virtual ethnography, internet history, philosophy of science, epistemology, mathematics, and religion. He also particularly enjoys table top gaming and RPGs, and reads way too many video game reviews to have never owned a console.Also, with 6 years of coffee industry experience, he enjoys the entire world of coffee and tea.
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