The first week of my internship had been really exciting. The very first day started with the orientation where the HR briefed me about the company and its history and helped me complete the basic required documentation.

Later, I got a chance to meet the Vice President of my department, who introduced me to my immediate manager and the rest of the team. They took me out for a lunch where I got to know my team members and got a better understanding of the on-going projects in my department.

Nishant sits at his desk at his internship.

Nishant sits at his desk at his internship.

My First Week in Finance

During my first week, the Risk Fixed Income group was right on the cusp of migrating onto a new risk system which had been a sizable system migration project that they had been working on for the past couple years.

I was fortunate enough to get some hands-on experience on the migration project. My team members have been super supportive and explained the project from scratch.

Finding a Focus: Business Intelligence

It’s difficult to pinpoint one single thing where I’d like to see myself grow. The company is making sure to expose me to every aspect of information management and how they implement it in their everyday operations. I really like the business intelligence part of it so far and might consider getting into it for a full-time opportunity.

My goal is to grasp and learn the most out of my internship and understand the basic operations of a financial firm and how they leverage different tools and technologies to generate useful insights.

I have a strong desire to travel all around Florida and some parts of South America during my internship tenure. I’m also trying to absorb most of the sun here that I can take back with me to deal with the Syracuse winters.

Combining New and Old Skills

I’ve never had an opportunity to work with the Bloomberg Terminal before. Now, most of my work is on Bloomberg Terminal and I’m amazed about how powerful a tool can be. It’s challenging and exciting to learn something new every day and use it to generate real-time insights. Also, I’m doing the Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification, which is worthwhile and I believe is going to help me in the long run.

My IST 625 – Enterprise Risk Management class with Prof. Frank Marullo turned out to be super useful for me. Most of the concepts that were taught by him is something I work with every day. It makes me feel much more confident to take on diverse tasks which I’d have never volunteered to do if I wouldn’t have learned the basics of financial risk in the IST 625 – Enterprise Risk Management class.