Maureen O’Connor Kicak

Budget Analyst
210 Hinds Hall
Maureen O'Connor Kicak

Maureen O’Connor Kicak provides administrative and budgetary support to the iSchool and its graduate students, and serves as the school’s primary human resource officer. As budget analyst, she manages all of the iSchool’s payroll and fringe benefit expenses, approves payroll and human resource transactions, and administers the search and hiring processes for all faculty, staff, and students.In addition, she manages all contracts for part-time faculty and handles iSchool activities related to sponsored effort reporting and certification. She ensures compliance on all human resource governmental regulation and University policies. She maintains the iSchool administrative database, including links to the iSchool web site, and also reports from iSchool data in Peoplesoft and Hyperion systems.She ensures continuity of operations in the absence of the Assistant Dean for Administration or other budgetary and accounting personnel.